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打造茶叶金字招牌 助力乡村全面振兴

Issuing time:2022-03-24 13:10





The Market Supervision Bureau of Tongliang District, Chongqing focused on the development of the tea industry in Anxi Town, and carefully created the golden signboard of "Shuinan Tea" to help the overall revitalization of the countryside. At present, more than 6,500 acres of pollution-free tea are planted in Anxi Town, which has driven tea farmers to become rich and increase their income.

Anxi Town is located in the core area of Yuqing Mountain in Tongliang District. It is a famous tea base in Chongqing, which gave birth to the excellent quality and unique taste of "Shuinan Tea". In order to create the golden signboard of "Shuinan Tea", Tongliang District Market Supervision Bureau pays attention to the service guidance of each link from the selection of varieties, to the standardization of planting, and then to the standardized picking. At the same time, actively promote the construction and certification of pollution-free, green and organic tea bases, invite experts to carry out tea picking quality training, and comprehensively improve the standardization and standardization level.

Chongqing Tongliang District Longyu Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is a local leading enterprise with an annual output value of more than 3 million yuan. In order to help enterprises upgrade their files, Tongliang District Market Supervision Bureau guides enterprises to organize production and carry out quality comparisons with reference to advanced standards, and gradually reduce Standard gap, accelerate the establishment of a modern enterprise system, and improve the level of self-management. "This year, we have invested more than 300,000 yuan to update the equipment and comprehensively improve the tea-making process and product packaging." said the person in charge of the company.

In order to drive tea farmers to become rich and increase their income, Tongliang District Market Supervision Bureau jumped out of the "tea" thinking, helped the "downstream" economy, and leveraged the benefits of industrial clusters. Since the beginning of this year, it has guided the registration of 3 new "tea culture" themed farmhouses, developed 1 tea oil production enterprise, and provided special guidance to the extended industrial chain such as fruit picking, vegetable picking, and crayfish fishing around Yuqingshan Tea Base. The cluster drives the comprehensive development of local catering, accommodation, shopping, and tourism consumption formats. At present, the main body of the tea industry in Anxi Town has covered many categories such as professional cooperatives, small workshops, companies, etc. There are more than 300 tea farmers, driving more than 700 jobs, and the comprehensive output value of the tea industry chain has reached more than 20 million yuan. This year, the income of tea farmers from fresh tea has increased by more than 30%.