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铁观音春茶价格行情 Tieguanyin spring tea price quotation

Issuing time:2022-03-23 12:21

"Luokeng is really a fairyland, which produces both mushrooms and tea..." On March 20, at the Meishan Ecological Tea Garden Base in Luokeng Town, Qujiang District, Shaoguan, where the dew had dissipated, the tea farmers who picked tea in the morning sang folk songs. Suddenly lively. The tea fragrance is refreshing, and the folk songs are lingering. In the neat and uniform tea bushes, tea farmers shuttled in groups of three or five, skillfully picking the first wave of spring tea this year. The blue sky, warm sun, tea gardens, tea trees, and tea farmers draw a poetic picture of busy tea picking at the spring equinox.

The area of Meishan ecological tea garden has exceeded 160 mu, the annual income of the industry is close to 1 million yuan, and the living standards of the villagers have improved significantly. According to the person in charge, the tea plantation area is expanding every year.

"Our town relies on the development of tea to take off the poverty hat." The relevant person in charge of Luokeng Town told reporters that today's Luokeng Town can be said to be "every household grows tea, and everyone grows tea", and tea has become a source of income for local villagers. The "Golden Leaf" of getting rich.

Aunt Shao, a tea farmer, told reporters that there are more than 30 acres of tea at home. This year, the price of spring tea is expensive and the sales market is good. Jin! I plan to plant another batch of tea trees this year!"

According to reports, the tea garden in Luokeng Town has an area of 12,000 mu, with an annual output of 260 tons of dry tea. The relevant local person in charge said that this year Luokeng Town will renovate 200 acres of old tea gardens and build more than 3 demonstration bases for standardized tea planting, and plans to focus on expanding the tea industry, extending the tea industry chain, and introducing or cultivating the deep processing of the tea industry, cultural and creative industries, etc. High-quality enterprises, strengthen the construction of leading enterprise workshops and production workshops, guide the large-scale and standardized growth of the main body, continuously improve the "hard power" of the development of the tea industry, promote the development of the tea industry, and help rural revitalization.

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