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Issuing time:2022-03-23 12:17






Spring comes early in southern China, and Jiangcheng is warm. Some people feel warm, refreshed and radiant these days, while others are lethargic and "sleep in spring" all day long. Is this the time of the annual "spring trouble" again?

An expert from the chronic disease department of the Wuhu Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that "spring sleeplessness" is not a disease, but a physiological phenomenon that occurs when the human body's physiological function changes with the natural climate. As the climate warms in spring, the capillaries on the body surface need to increase blood flow due to stretching, resulting in a corresponding decrease in blood flow in the brain tissue, a decrease in oxygen supply, and a decrease in the excitement of brain nerve cells. The human body cannot adapt to such climate change for a while, resulting in the phenomenon of drowsiness, fatigue and lethargy.

"Spring sleepiness" can be adjusted by rest, diet, exercise, daily life, etc. Severe symptoms can be corrected with medical help. Experts suggest that citizens can take a nap, not more than 12 o'clock at night, and preferably take a half-hour nap at noon, or close their eyes to relax and relieve fatigue. Open the doors and windows frequently to circulate the indoor air. Increase the time for outdoor activities, and choose sports that sweat a little, which will have a good effect on relief.

Pay attention to a light diet, less greasy, and get enough protein. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also drink tea properly. Peppermint and chrysanthemum tea can clear heat and detoxify, clear liver and improve eyesight; wolfberry tea can nourish kidney and liver, improve fatigue; rose tea can relieve qi and relieve depression, soothe the nerves and eliminate fatigue; lemon tea can promote fluid and quench thirst, strengthen spleen and eliminate food. . For those with deficient constitution, it is recommended to drink cooked Pu'er, Dahongpao, and strong-scented aged Tieguanyin with mild tea.

Special reminder that drivers need to overcome the adverse effects of driving drowsiness. The traditional method is to open the windows often, keep the air unobstructed and not lack oxygen, and listen to uplifting music. The best way to get rid of trouble is to take a full rest before driving on the road, ensure adequate sleep, and always pay attention to driving safety.

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