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News Detail


Issuing time:2022-03-23 11:51

At 11:06 on February 27, China's Wenchang Space Launch Site, the Long March 8 Yao-2 carrier rocket carrying the "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" satellite was successfully launched into space.

This near-Earth satellite named "Anxi Tieguanyin No. 1" is a remote sensing satellite jointly cooperated by Anxi County, Fujian Province, Zhongke Xingqiao and Changguang Satellite. It is the first major digital industrialization exploration in Anxi County. action. After the launch, the satellite will become the first commercial optical remote sensing satellite with sub-meter ground resolution in Fujian Province and the first remote sensing satellite named after tea in my country.

Anxi is famous for its tea. It is the hometown of Chinese oolong tea and the birthplace of the world famous tea Tieguanyin. In Anxi County, 56% of rural per capita net income comes from the tea industry. Today, the county's total output value of tea-related industries has reached 28 billion yuan. For more than 30 years, the tea industry has helped Anxi transform from the largest poverty-stricken county in Fujian to one of the top 100 counties in the country. In September 2021, the "2021 Research Results of High-Quality Development Index of Small and Medium Cities in China" showed that Anxi County ranked 57th among the top 100 counties and cities in the country with comprehensive economic strength.

Behind the prosperity of the tea industry, the brand value of Anxi Tieguanyin has become more and more prominent. Its brand value of 142.686 billion yuan has ranked first in the value of regional brands (geographical indication products) for two consecutive years, and it has also ranked among the national tea categories for the sixth consecutive year. No. 1 in regional brand value.

With the successful launch of the "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" satellite, the Tieguanyin tea industry with a brand value of 100 billion is expected to release digital vitality.

It is reported that the "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" satellite uses innovative technologies such as lightweight structural design, highly integrated electronic systems, high-resolution ultra-lightweight and low-cost cameras, enabling the entire satellite to achieve a resolution better than 0.75m and a width greater than 17km , weighs more than 40kg, and has the characteristics of low cost, low power consumption, low weight and high resolution. At the same time, the satellite has the ability to acquire multi-spectral data in the blue, green, red and near-infrared spectrum, and can monitor the growth of each tea tree in the tea garden from an altitude of 535km, and carry out disease and insect pest monitoring and quality traceability of the life cycle of tea trees. The quality of Tieguanyin tea and the "hard power" of Tieguanyin brand are guaranteed.

The relevant person in charge of the Anxi County Party Committee and County Government introduced that the phased goal of the development of Anxi Tea Garden is to build a smart tea garden in the whole area, and rely on new technologies and hard technologies to improve the planting level of tea gardens. Satellite remote sensing monitoring technology plays a prominent role in tea garden management, disaster early warning, land use management, and industrial policy formulation. Taking satellite as a guide, Anxi's digital technology will run through the whole process from tea plantation, management, tea picking, tea making, packaging and transportation.

The launch of the "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" satellite is also a footnote for Anxi Tieguanyin to grasp the opportunities for the development of the digital economy.

The "Government Work Report" of Anxi County in 2021 proposes that in 2022, Anxi will further promote the construction of the global commercial remote sensing satellite ground receiving station network Fujian Station and the International Space Big Data Industrial Park, and enhance Anxi's status and influence in China's digital economy development. , and strive to exceed 60 billion yuan in the county's digital economy by the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan".

One small step for satellite launch, one giant leap for Tieguanyin brand. According to reports, focusing on the industrial agglomeration effect of enterprises, technologies, talents, funds and other industries brought by satellites, Anxi Tieguanyin will make full use of the surging big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies in the digital economy era to create a value chain of the tea industry through digitalization. , to enhance the technological vitality and brand influence of Tieguanyin in an all-round way.