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Issuing time:2022-03-22 10:45







Xinyang's characteristic industry, Xinyang Maojian Tea, has ushered in spring after a winter, and the warm wind will slowly unblock the cold season.

The reincarnation of the recovery of all things has made people accustomed to the cycle of life. The flowers are blooming, the leaves are green, the thick cotton clothes are taken off, the body is much more relaxed, and there is hope in the mind. This may be ordinary and ordinary. Survive life!

The main industry of Xinyang City, Maojian tea, also began to grow in the spring, ready to show its pointed little head for people to pick and taste. However, a new wave of the epidemic has just started again, which has increased the difficulty of hiring tea farmers who need to pick.

Due to epidemic prevention and control, all people involved in picking must have a healthy body to work. However, due to the different epidemic prevention and control conditions in different places, the requirements are also different, which leads to the problem of labor difficulties.

In the risk area of the epidemic, you cannot leave the homeland. Even if you leave the homeland, the employer is afraid of the risk brought by the incubation period, and no one can guarantee the risk factor. On the issue of the dilemma and contradiction, the tea farmers and tea households are faced with the conflicting heart of the choice.

New challenges are affecting tea production. As a tea farmer, how to do a good job in tea production while doing a good job in the dual pressure of epidemic prevention and control, how to solve the labor difficulties, and how to overcome the difficulties, this also brings new challenges to the relevant local departments.