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炒茶 生锅、二青锅、熟锅

Issuing time:2022-03-22 10:22










How to fry tea leaves to get a good brown color? The fried tea is divided into raw pot, Erqing pot, and cooked pot. The three pots are connected and operated sequentially. The tea-frying pot is made of an ordinary plate pot, which is built into a tea-frying stove connected by three pots, and the pot is inclined at 25 to 30 degrees. The tea broom is made of bamboo, about 1 meter long, and one end of the bamboo branch is about 10 cm in diameter. Tea farmers stir-fry tea, which can be summed up in three sentences: the first pot is full of rotation, the second pot is vigorous, and the third pot is drilled.

The first pot: raw pot

The raw pot mainly plays the role of fixing the green. The pot temperature is 180-200 ℃, and the amount of leaves is 0.25-0.5 kg. The amount of leaves depends on the level of mild operation of the pot. Stir-frying method is to use the tea broom to rotate and stir in the pot. The leaves are rotated and flipped, and the water is evenly heated and dehydrated. It is necessary to rotate quickly, use force evenly, and shake the tea leaves for about 1 to 2 minutes. When the leaves are soft and dark green, they can be swept into the second pot.

The second pot: Erqing pot

Erqing pot mainly plays the role of continuing to kill green and preliminary kneading, and the pot temperature is slightly lower than that of raw pot. Because the friction between the tea and the pot wall is relatively large, the force should be greater than that of the raw pot, so you must "bring your strength" to make the leaves rotate in the pot with the tea broom, and start rolling into strips. Group, let out the heat. When the leaves shrink into strips, the tea juice sticks to the leaves and feels sticky, and it can be swept into the cooking pot.

The third pot: cooked pot

The cooked pot is mainly used to further make fine tea sticks. The pot temperature is lower than that of the Erqing pot, about 130-150 °C. At this time, the leaves are relatively soft, stir-fry with a tea broom for a few times, the leaves will drill into the inner bamboo branches, which is conducive to making strips, and the leaves will be scattered into the pot again after shaking a little. Repeated operations in this way make the leaves spit inside and outside the bamboo broom, and skillfully combine dehydration and rubbing into strips. Stir fry until the ropes are tight and thin, and the tea fragrance is emitted, about three or four percent dry, and then the pan is ready.

Precautions for Fried Green Tea

Do not use charcoal fire and cage baking for tea baking. This traditional roasting method worked well in the less-technological past, but the tea leaves it roasted often had a charcoal-like smell. Nowadays, the best way to make tea is to use a dryer to dry tea. The dryer has no odor, which can help to make green tea with better aroma and save energy at the same time.