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铁观音茶语 Tieguanyin tea language

Issuing time:2022-03-22 10:21

"Seven things to open the door, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea." This ancient saying expresses the status of tea in the minds of Chinese people. In the past, there was a folk saying that "it is better to have no meat for three days than to have no tea for one day". When you have dry mouth, you can drink tea to quench your thirst, when you are tired, you can drink tea to refresh your mind, when you are free, you can drink tea to relax, when you are bored, you can drink tea to clear your mind, when you have a stagnant food, you can drink tea to get rid of greasy... Tea can be described as a taste for both refined and popular, suitable for all ages. We use tea to reflect on ourselves, use tea to clarify our aspirations, use tea to meet friends, use tea to entertain guests, use tea to worship Buddha, and use tea to honor our ancestors. With the passage of time, tea has gradually become the national drink of the Chinese nation.

Tea, a creature that condenses the essence of heaven and earth, always presents itself in front of the world with its curly figure, dark brown face, and unassuming personality. A piece of tea looks so inconspicuous, but when you put it in a cup, once it is mixed with water, it will release all the essence without reservation, and it will fill the house with a fragrance. A cup of tea is smothered in the hut, sip it shallowly, and the aftertaste is long, making people feel light and fragrant, and a vast aroma from the field seems to infiltrate the body. Such a fragrance is clear but not turbid, light and long-lasting, so that even if we live in a room, we can still feel the freshness, simplicity and clarity of the thick soil.

Celebrities can drink tea, and grass-roots people can drink it. The faint and distant taste rises up with the steam, but it is refreshing but not thick and vulgar. Tea is a bitter bosom friend, drink it lightly, I don't know what sorrow is. After the bitterness, what lingers between the teeth is blindly sweet; what I meet in my heart is a quiet world, and everything in the world passing through the thick leaves. The fragrance of tea has a kind of power to filter the mood, the self in the tea, the eyebrows are stretched, the fatigue in the heart dissipates, and a heart changes from heavy to light.

Drinking tea not only brings physical enjoyment to people, but also gives people a kind of spiritual pleasure. The exquisite drinking art developed from the predecessors' fine frying and slow drinking has become a means for people to cultivate elegant taste and sustenance feelings, a kind of life-like art, and a kind of enjoyment of life, from which people can appreciate life. really interesting.

Not afraid of wind and cold, the spring of the world, tea can pass through the product of plum blossoms. Elegant and fragrant, the quality is naive, and the tea also has the virtue of orchid. The fragrance of tea is pure, the quality of tea is clear and distant, and the clothes are fragrant. .

The little tea tree has endured the torment and tempering of autumn and winter, and does not succumb to the harsh hand of good fortune. In the lonely world of early spring, in the precipitous cold, it is full of energy, and the tender buds and leaves are full of vitality. Green leaves are made into tea, which needs to be tempered. After being removed from the mother, there are still processes such as drying, kneading, frying, steaming, and drying. The tea worker watched the tea-making process and explained the reasoning. I wandered aside, as if I was doing a purgatory test myself, thinking about the taste of the tea leaves.

The tea tree likes the sun. It must have sufficient sunlight and sufficient water. However, if the jade is not cut, it will not become a vessel, and the leaves will not become tea. After the green leaves are removed from the parent body, the original herbal flavor will be absorbed, the bone moisturizing water will be filtered out, and the rubbing will be done. , To be steamed and fried, to be dried in the sun, it will shrink and dry up, it will really suffer its mind and will, labor its muscles and bones, starve its skin, and empty its body, and only then can the right path be attained.

Tea carries the Dao, and the same is true for people's life. If you want to pursue karma, you need to go through self-discipline and self-discipline, go through the difficulties of Dao and Dao, taste the ups and downs, and then you can understand the truth, and you can treat everything calmly and achieve success overnight. It is very rare, and the same is true of people, and the same is true of countries. Of course, one must have determination, and must have a bone-like wind. Seeing the tea after boiling, it is soaked in boiling water in a cup, slowly opening the tightly twisted body, gradually receding haggard and stretching new green, and it will be vigorous again in an instant. Extend your arms and stretch your waist to restore the attitude of "one flag, one gun", as if it is still growing on the branches in March, overflowing the water with alcohol and fragrance, especially the faint green, returning to the whole body, as if telling the drinker The green dream of his childhood clearly showed his indestructible character. .

Life is like tea. Only by floating and sinking in boiling water can tea release its deep fragrance, and the tempered life will be more colorful and fragrant for a long time...

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