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Issuing time:2022-03-22 10:13






The tea-picking season has arrived, and on the two tea-frying machines in the West Lake Fried Tea Center, Longwu Tea Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou, there is a white "small box" - the Internet of Things device for the teapot, which can not only display the location and operation of the machine It can also record the output of tea, and it is a powerful "little helper" for tea farmers.

Xugong, an equipment technology service company, introduced: "With this equipment, real-time data recording and sharing can be realized, and data can be used to speak, so as to combine fried tea with Internet of Things technology."

"Look at this small box, just scan the QR code on it, we will know all the processing data information of the tea-frying machine." information, while using the tea frying machine to kill the freshly picked tea leaves in the morning.

"In the past, the data processed by the tea-frying machine could not be seen. Now, with the Internet of Things device for the tea-frying pot, the tea output and the processing data of the tea-frying machine can be captured in real time, and uploaded to the cloud server through the mobile Internet of Things card. The data can be queried in real time, which is really convenient." Looking at the new tea churning in the tea-frying machine, Mr. Ge felt relieved.

It is understood that in September 2021, the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Xihu District proposed the idea of IoT devices for frying tea pots. Currently, there are 500 IoT devices for frying tea pots installed in pilot installations in the region. This is also the digitalization link of West Lake Longjing digital processing frying tea machines. The first attempt to promote the empowerment of the digital industry.