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铁观音春茶 采摘时节  绿色经济

Issuing time:2022-03-22 10:10







Spring is in full bloom, and spring tea is fresh. In the past few days, nearly 1,000 acres of spring tea in Gantang Village, Heye Town, Guiyang County has ushered in the picking season. Tea farmers take advantage of the fine weather to harvest the first spring tea and harvest the first barrel of "green economy" in the new year.

The green eyes are full of green, bathed in the spring sunshine, and the layers of tea ladders are as beautiful as pictures. More than 80 tea farmers traveled through the mountains with tea baskets on their shoulders.

When the warm spring sun gradually rises, the busyness in the tea garden will come to an end. The tea farmers will select and weigh the full baskets of tea buds in the tea basket and send them to the tea processing factory for processing. The machines in the production workshop roared, and the refreshing aroma of tea came to the nostrils. The master workers carried out a series of technological processes such as fixing, rolling, and baking the tea to ensure that the fresh tea purchased on the day could be processed. The finished tea orders are sold all over the country, and the large-scale planting has also opened up a green way for local people to increase their income.

Heye Town is rich in mineral resources and was known as a "coal town" in the early years. While bringing economic benefits to the villagers, ecological damage has become more and more serious. Since 2012, Heye Town has begun to carry out industrial transformation, changing the development background from "black" to "green", and turning "coal town" into "tea town". Jinxian Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. has circulated more than 1,000 mu of wasteland in the village. Relying on its unique geographical advantages, it has planted many varieties of tea such as Golden No. 1, Taoyuan Daye, and Qiye Qi to build an ecological tea garden.

Plant a leaf and enrich the people. Today, tea has replaced coal as one of the pillar industries in Heye Town. The workers can pick nearly 700 kilograms of green tea every day. There are three seasons of tea in the tea garden: spring, summer and autumn. The annual output of sun-dried and dried tea leaves is more than 7 tons, with an output value of nearly 10 million yuan, allowing more than 100 villagers to eat tea rice. Injecting new vitality into the rural revitalization.

In recent years, Guiyang County has played a good ecological card, read the classics of getting rich, and focused on the tea industry as a green industry for ecological development and a characteristic industry for rural revitalization, so that the tea industry has sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. The comprehensive output value of tea is more than 30 million yuan.