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Issuing time:2022-03-21 13:12

At the time of picking and listing Anxi Tieguanyin spring tea, at the 2020 China Brand Value Evaluation Information Conference held on May 10, Anxi Tieguanyin stood out among more than 800 brands and ranked among regional brands with 142.686 billion yuan ( Geographical indication products) ranked first in value, and ranked first in the national tea regional brand value for the fifth consecutive year.

It is reported that in order to build the brand value of Anxi Tieguanyin 100 billion, Anxi County, Fujian Province has carried out a series of tea industry integration innovations, comprehensively promoting manor, landmark and standardization, and further promoting the reform of the supply side of the tea industry; ”, through the establishment of a tea quality traceability system, the promotion of high tea trees and grass on the walls, and selection of “Top Ten Gold Medal Tea Estates” and “Famous Mountain Teas”, to build high-standard ecological tea gardens, promote the ecological restoration of tea mountains, and create a transition from tea gardens to A healthy drink that can be seen in a teacup.

In addition, in response to the phenomenon of counterfeiting in various places, Anxi County has established an anti-counterfeiting team. At present, there are 132 enterprises authorized to use the special logo for Anxi Tieguanyin geographical indication products in the county. "Golden Phoenix", "Old Iron" and other brands.