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Tieguanyin brewing method 铁观音冲泡方法

Issuing time:2022-03-21 12:08

Tieguanyin is a kind of semi-fermented tea, which belongs to a kind of green tea. Its taste is sweet, with the aroma of orchid, and its fragrance is light and elegant. It is different from black tea and green tea. Warm the cup, wash the cup with hot water, and make the temperature of the cup consistent with the water temperature of the hot water to achieve the effect of sterilization and tea awakening. 2. Take the tea, select an appropriate amount of tea for brewing, generally one-fifth of the vessel. 3. To make tea, pour out the tea brewed for the first two times, and taste the tea brewed for the third time.

1. Warm Cup

For people who drink tea regularly, a warm cup is an indispensable part of their tea drinking. The so-called warm cup is to rinse the tea-drinking utensils with hot water. After this step, due to the high temperature, it can play a good sterilization effect. In addition to sterilizing and removing dust, this step can also increase the temperature of the tea-brewing utensils. , to help play the role of wake-up tea. What we should pay attention to is that the warm cup needs to make the temperature of the cup and the water consistent, so that the aroma of the tea can be better played in the following steps, making the taste more mellow.

2. Take tea

Next, choose an appropriate amount of tea and put it into the cup. Note that the amount of tea should not be too much or too little. Too much tea will make the taste too rich, with heavier bitterness and astringency, which will affect the taste. The amount of tea Too little will make the taste too bland to appreciate the special aroma that the tea has. When choosing tea leaves, it is appropriate to pay attention to one-fifth of the vessel.

3. Bubble tea

As the last and most important step of brewing, we need to pour hot water with a suitable temperature into the vessel for brewing. It should be noted that the first and second brewing tea needs to be poured out, the reason is that During the first two brews, the tea leaves cannot be stretched well, and their fragrance cannot be volatilized well, and the bitterness and astringency are heavier. After the third brewing, the fragrance of the tea leaves can be fully recovered. Excited, its taste is also more mellow and delicious. It should be noted that the time for the first two brewing is generally more than ten seconds. If the time is too long, the taste of the third brewing will become weaker and affect the taste.

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