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Issuing time:2022-03-21 11:42

Big coffee gathered together to discuss the development prospects of the tea industry

The main leaders of the Anxi County government and the heads of relevant units came to this event. The representatives of the participating tea companies included Bama Tea Industry, Shanguo Drinking Art, Huaxiangyuan Tea Industry, Richun Tea Industry, Anxi Tieguanyin Group, Huayuan There are many well-known domestic tea companies such as the tea industry, Zhongmin Weishi, and Xiaotan Tea (Gaojianfa Tea Industry).

Hong Jincheng, deputy secretary of the CPC Anxi County Party Committee and director of the Tea Management Committee, presided over the meeting, and said that doing a good job in the big article of tea culture, tea industry, and tea technology and developing the tea industry into a pillar industry for rural revitalization is everyone's interest in tea in the new era. expectations for industrial development.

At the meeting, a number of tea company representatives spoke enthusiastically about the challenges and bottlenecks faced by the Anxi tea industry, and came up with ideas and measures.

Big tea companies gather at Bama Tea Industry to talk about "Three Teas"

△ Wang Wenli, Chairman of Bama Tea Industry, made suggestions at the meeting

Wang Wenli, chairman of Bama Tea Co., Ltd., said that the "Three Teas" event held by tea industry leaders is of great significance and will play a vital role in the future development of Anxi tea industry. At present, the Tieguanyin tea market is gradually recovering and the prospects are bright. How to further set off a new round of "marketing fever" is the most critical thing to re-position Tieguanyin in the market and identify the propaganda force.

Lin Yuhui, chairman of Shanguo Drinking Art Tea Industry Co., Ltd., expressed the hope that Anxi Tieguanyin can focus on brand positioning and publicity, so that consumers can establish a correct and objective cognition and feel the excellent quality of Anxi tea.

After listening to the suggestions and countermeasures of the representatives of tea enterprises, the leaders of the meeting said that the "Three Teas" activity of tea industry leaders was not only an exchange meeting for ideological collision and consensus building, but also Anxi County Party Committee and County Government's "pulse-taking" of the development of the tea industry. In the future, we will seriously study and integrate feasible ideas, and effectively transform them into measures to promote the high-quality development of the tea industry, so that the Anxi tea industry will reach a new level.

Eight horsepower line, the pioneer of practicing the concept of "Three Teas"

As a leading tea company originated in Anxi, Bama Tea has always played a leading role, set an example, and actively contributed to the development of the tea industry. The event was chosen to be held at the Anxi Longmen Factory of Bama Tea Industry, which is not only a recognition of the strong brand strength of Bama Tea Industry, but also an affirmation of Bama Tea Industry's active practice of the concept of "Three Tea Coordination".

Bama Tea Industry has thoroughly implemented the concept of "Three Tea Coordination", and has been quite effective in the practice of tea industry, tea technology and tea culture:

In the tea industry, Bama Tea is actively building a "Chinese Tea Industry Collaboration". By creating an open platform for value co-creation that allows the participation of the majority of tea farmers and tea companies, it will help Good Tea go out of the mountains and reach thousands of households. A new chapter in the development of the tea industry;

In terms of tea technology, Bama Tea Industry actively implements the concept of "smart eight horses". By building smart tea gardens, smart factories, and taking the lead in building carbon sink tea gardens, it gathers scientific and technological strength, stimulates innovation momentum, and leads the new trend of digital transformation of traditional tea enterprises. ;

Big tea companies gather at Bama Tea Industry to talk about "Three Teas"

△ Bama Tea Industry actively implements the concept of "smart eight horses" and leads the new trend of digital transformation of traditional tea enterprises

In terms of tea culture, Bama Tea Industry adheres to "cultural self-confidence", carries out touring tastings around the world based on tea, and serves many foreign affairs tea talks, helping the rise of national tea brands and promoting China's excellent tea culture.

Paying taxes first and actively feeding back to help rural revitalization

In addition, Bama Tea also actively feeds back tea farmers, tea companies, and tea producing areas by paying taxes in good faith, helping rural revitalization and leading the healthy development of the local tea industry. Recently, the certificate provided by the Anxi County government shows that in 2021, Bama Tea Industry will become the No. 1 taxpayer of Anxi tea companies, which means that Bama Tea Industry has won the No. 1 taxpayer of tea companies in the origin of Anxi Tieguanyin for 9 consecutive years.

Paying taxes in accordance with the law and honesty is the embodiment of Bama Tea's active commitment to corporate social responsibility, and the latest tax payment data also proves Bama's rapid growth over the years, demonstrating its leading position in the market.

In the future, Bama Tea Industry will also adhere to the development policy of "quality leads the brand and drive" to create high-end Chinese tea, relying on modern scientific management concepts, inject new development momentum into the tea production area, and select the best tea of Chinese origin for consumers. People all over the world enjoy the health and happiness of tea.