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Issuing time:2022-03-20 12:45

1. The tenderness and integrity of the leaves

Many tea lovers know that tea with all bud tips is very intolerant to soaking, while one bud and two leaves or three leaves have a higher soaking resistance. The point involves kneading, which will be mentioned below); the degree of integrity is as described in the black broken tea above, and the degree of foam resistance is proportional to the degree of integrity.

2. Kneading in the process of making tea

The degree of twisting is inversely proportional to the degree of foam resistance. The deeper the degree of twisting and rolling, the more damage to the cell wall of the leaf, the faster the release rate of water extract and the corresponding decrease in the degree of foam resistance.

3. The effect of brewing tea on the bubble resistance

There are three main factors here, the ratio of the amount of tea to be injected and the amount of water injected. The less the amount of tea, the more the amount of water injected, the more resistant to brewing, or vice versa, the more resistant to brewing; Anti-foaming; the level of water temperature can also determine whether a tea is resistant to foaming. The higher the water temperature, the lower the degree of foam resistance, and vice versa.

4. Tea tree age and ecological environment

These two indicators are closely related. The age of the tree is not the decisive factor, but the climate and ecological environment. The discussion of tree age must be meaningful under the conditions of the same climate and ecological environment, otherwise it will be like Guan Gong and Qin Qiong; back to the topic , Under the same climate and ecological environment, the old trees with large and deep roots naturally have the advantage, and the small tree terraces can only secretly wipe away tears.