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Issuing time:2022-03-20 12:35

Usually, the shelf life of tea stored in airtight ranges from 12-24 months! Bulk tea leaves are shorter, and they are more likely to be damp and absorb peculiar smells. However, there are many reasons that affect the shelf life of tea, such as temperature, humidity, light, etc. If these factors can be reasonably reduced, the quality of tea will be guaranteed for a long time!

And now the country has also formulated corresponding tea standards, especially for the term of shelf life, and also gives limited standards; different tea types must be operated in strict accordance with national standards, otherwise after the shelf life, moldy tea will directly affect human health;

Of course, the shelf life of tea is also related to different tea types; for example, Pu’er, dark tea, etc. get better with age, and can last for 10-20 years; for example, Wuyi rock tea, the old tea in the next year has a more fragrant and mellow taste. ; As long as it is stored properly, not only will it not deteriorate, but it can improve the quality of tea.

And because of this feature, some people hyped up old tea a few years ago, and a small piece of Pu'er was even priced at millions; Expensive products are also for people to drink. If they are not stored properly, they are almost inferior products, and even more incapable of drinking;

What does "one year of tea, three years of medicine, and seven years of treasure" mean?

We all know that there are 6 major types of tea: green tea, black tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, dark tea, and white tea; among them, white tea is the oldest and healthiest tea in China; it is known as the treasure among the six major tea categories. "Noble"; and "one year of tea, three years of medicine, seven years of treasure" refers to white tea!

【One-year tea】: White tea is a kind of micro-fermented tea. After the new tea was processed by micro-fermentation in that year, this kind of tea has a strong cooling property, and the taste is close to that of green tea. The taste is fresh and the taste is smooth. called "tea";

【Three-year medicine】: The white tea after being properly stored for 3-5 years, at this time, with the passage of time, the internal composition of the tea changes, the taste begins to become mellow and the taste gradually softens; the tea property also changes from cool to warm; this At that time, white tea has medicinal value, not only can reduce fire and heat, moisten the lungs and protect the liver; and the so-called "also tea is also medicine"; at this time, white tea can be used not only as tea, but also as an important medical formula or medicine introduction. !

【Seven Years Treasure】: The white tea that should be stored for a longer time, after 5-7 years, can actually be called old white tea! Not to mention whether it is a rare treasure, the old white tea at this time has become mellow and full in both taste and soup color, the entrance is smoother, and the flavor is heavier! So no matter which way you taste the old white tea, it is very tempting!

Why does "one-year tea, three-year medicine, seven-year treasure" only belong to white tea?

In the final analysis, it is everyone's dedication to white tea! Among the six major tea series, white tea is the most "alone" tea series; and the valuable thing about white tea is that it is a kind of tea that is extremely close to the original flavor, and can be quietly transformed during the storage process. Tea that can enhance its own value. Therefore, some people say that white tea that has not been reconstituted by time is like a semi-finished product. It can be seen that the price of old white tea is very high in people's minds!

There is an old saying: drink tea for a minute, quench thirst; drink tea for an hour, relax; drink tea for a month, healthy; drink tea for a lifetime, longevity! Drinking tea is not so much the "entertainment" that wealthy people enjoy, and tastes slowly and leisurely; but in the final analysis, it is absolutely wrong; the reason why tea culture can be passed down for thousands of years is not only about its unique taste. In addition, what I care more about is the essence of drinking tea to keep health!