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Tieguanyin washing tea 铁观音洗茶

Issuing time:2022-03-20 12:20

Spring tea has three good

First, it is nutritious. After a winter of recuperation and savings, the spring tea buds and leaves are tender, emerald green and shiny, rich in tea polyphenols, caffeine, vitamin C, amino acids, selenium, zinc, etc.

Second, it tastes good. Spring tea is rich in amino acids, giving people a fresh and sweet taste with a fragrant aroma.

Third, safety. No pesticides are applied in winter, and there is no need to spray pesticides in early spring, especially for the tea trees in the mountains.

The first water brewed tea is good, why?

The nutrients in tea are mainly in the first brewed tea. When we drink tea, not only the taste of the tea, but also the nutrients in the tea, that is, the nutrients dissolved in the tea after being brewed with hot water. So do you know, is the first brew of tea more nutritious, or the second and third brew of tea?

Modern tea research has found that the first time to make tea with boiling water has the best nutrition. Because, in the first brewed tea, 85% of the tea polyphenols and 95% of the caffeine in the tea leaves are dissolved in the tea.

I'm really afraid of getting dirty, but there's a way

The first brewing tea is the tea brewed with boiling water for the first time with the highest nutritional value, and the main nutrients in the tea are basically dissolved in the tea water. It would be a shame if you throw away your first brew as a wash, because you throw away the nutritious essence of the tea leaves. In fact, spring tea is relatively safe, and the tea leaves are relatively clean. There is no need to "wash the tea", if you really have doubts, just "wash" it with cold water.

Article classification: 茶叶知识
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