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竹叶青 Bamboo Leaf Green

Issuing time:2022-03-20 12:18

Usually mentioning high-end products can make people's mind rippling, and the mind jumps inadvertently to those shiny storefronts, and products whose every detail represents absolute taste. Almost every line has its proud heavyweight brand, and the same is true of the tea industry.

China, the birthplace of tea culture, is also a famous tea-producing country in the world. There are many teas and good teas. What are the famous tea brands, tea culture lovers can probably tell one or two, among them, green tea It can be said to be the most popular and the most popular. There are also many famous tea brands in China. The public will be blind when choosing tea. The quality and price are uneven. The high-end tea brand, Zhuyeqing, is a treasure of many green teas in the vast sea. Zhuyeqing has represented Chinese tea in the World Expo for many times. , CIFIT and other important international exchange stages, and promote Chinese tea culture on the world stage. In 2021, as the only tea brand in China, it will be listed on the "Top Ten High-end Famous Teas in the World" list. On the way to promote tea culture and help cultural revival, Zhuyeqing actively undertakes the mission of a leading enterprise.

Photo: Bamboo Leaf Green Co-branded Spring Tea "Only This Green"

Why is high-end green tea green?

The quality of Zhuyeqing Emei alpine green tea is constant and fresh in all seasons, which is inseparable from the pursuit of high-end quality and the research of tea-making technology. Since it is unfermented tea, green tea contains more natural substances. Among them, tea polyphenols, which have antioxidant and anti-aging effects on the human body, can retain as much as 40%, and other nutrients such as chlorophyll, amino acids, and vitamins are also more than other types of tea.

The top brand of high-end green tea is responsible!

Zhuyeqing launched the "Five-fold Freshness Locking Technology", which transforms the freshness and tenderness of raw materials under the three standards of "alpine, Mingqian, and tea buds" into the freshness of high-end green tea, making freshness a step further.

"Five-fold freshness lock technology" is the accumulation of Zhuyeqing's scientific research and technological innovation for more than 20 years, which escorts the high-end quality of "fresher", and also enables Zhuyeqing to achieve the proud achievement of leading the sales of high-end green tea in China for 14 consecutive years. , and twice won the Gold Award of the World Green Tea Conference and the High Quality Recommendation Award of the International Tea Committee.

Bamboo leaf green is not only rooted in excellent traditional culture, but also as China's "diplomatic business card", it has been presented to foreign heads of state as a gift for international exchanges. If anyone asks again what are the famous tea brands in China, the answer must be Zhuyeqing. Behind the charm of Chinese tea is the romance of modern technology. With standardized construction and day-to-day cultivation of high-end quality, no matter where we go, we will remember the refreshing and beautiful experience brought by that cup of spring tea. .

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