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铁观音茶叶美食 Tieguanyin Tea Food

Issuing time:2022-03-20 12:10

Boy Respecting Guanyin

Features: The tea is rich in aroma, the chicken is smooth and tender, and the lips and cheeks are fragrant when eating.

Raw materials: 1 broiler with a gross weight of about 700 grams, 30 grams of cucumber slices.

Seasoning: 25 grams of Tieguanyin tea, 10 grams of sugar, 2 star anise, 2 grams of cumin, 1 gram of cinnamon, 7 grams of salt, and 0.5 grams of lemon yellow.


1. Take 1000 grams of hot water at 80°C to brew Tieguanyin tea leaves and add sugar, star anise, cumin, cinnamon, salt, edible lemon yellow and mix thoroughly for later use.

2. The broilers are slaughtered, bloodletted, dehaired, gutted, and clean.

3. Soak the broiler chicken in 90°C water for 25 minutes until it is broken, take it out, soak it in the seasoned Tieguanyin tea juice for 12 hours, take it out and chop it into pieces and garnish with cucumber slices.

Celery and Lily Stuffed White Fungus

raw material:

White fungus 10g, celery 250g, Thai raw shrimp 50g, Lanzhou lily 50g.


Minced garlic, chicken powder, salt, sugar, sesame oil, pepper to taste.


1. Soak the white fungus for 40 minutes to 1 hour, change the pieces into a uniform size and a uniform width of 2 cm, then use kitchen paper to absorb the water, and then apply cornstarch.

2. Mix raw Thai shrimp, chicken powder, salt, sesame oil, and pepper together to form shrimp paste. Stuff the shrimp paste evenly on the white fungus, fry in a wok, cool the oil over a high heat, and fry the shrimp paste side down until golden brown.

3. Peel the skin and fascia of the celery, add a little oil in the wok, splash water, pour in the celery, the amount of water is half of the amount of the celery, when the celery is almost cooked, the water is also collected, you can add it at this time Lily, add 1:1 salt and sugar to taste, and fry for a while.

4. Sauté the minced garlic until fragrant, add the shrimp paste and celery lily to it and stir-fry. Before the wok, sprinkle a little sesame oil.

Anchovy with Moganshan Sauce

raw material:

Anchovies 5 kg.


30 grams each of onion, ginger and garlic, 10 grams of coriander, 40 grams of carrot and white radish, 30 grams of celery, 2 onions and 1 spring onion.


4kg of white sugar, 4kg of delicious fresh, 1600g of straw mushroom dark soy sauce, 1600g of umami soy sauce, 2 bottles of Laoganma, 1 bottle of southern milk, 1 bottle of Yunu oyster sauce, 3 horsespoons of monosodium glutamate, 2 horsespoons of chicken essence, old wine 1 bottle, 500 grams of brown sugar water.


1 Luo Han Guo, 15 grams of grass fruit, 15 grams of licorice, 15 grams of cardamom, 10 grams of dried scallops, 20 grams of star anise, bay leaf, cinnamon, 10 grams of peppercorns, 40 grams of dried chili.


Cut the squid into slices, rinse well, control the water, marinate in the well-boiled sauce for 24 hours, pick it up and air dry, add old wine, onion and ginger to steam until it's cooked, let it cool and then change the knife and put it on a plate. .