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Issuing time:2022-03-20 12:09

Green tea is an important part of our traditional tea culture. Green tea is not fermented. Because of this, green tea retains the fresh aroma of tea leaves and is full of original taste. The brewed green tea retains the original fresh and green style, which is pleasing to the eye. Some friends will ask about the famous tea brands, such as: Zhuyeqing, Wuyishan Dahongpao, West Lake Longjing, Anxi Tieguanyin, Lu'an Guapian, Pu'er tea, Dongting Biluochun, etc. In the spring tea season this year, Zhuyeqing co-branded "Only This Green" spring tea was launched, which was well received by the majority of tea culture lovers.

What are the famous tea brands丨Zhuyeqing co-branded spring tea

For green tea, the seasonality of spring tea is extremely particular. "Fresh" is an important manifestation of the high quality of green tea, and it is also the unremitting pursuit of the industry. How to work hard? Among them, it is particularly important to play the technology card. Zhuyeqing has made breakthroughs in the past few years. It promotes the innovation of tea production and consumption mode with technology, and has taken an important step in the "three teas", leading consumers and the green tea industry to "freshness". higher pursuit.

Zhuyeqing launched the "Five-fold Freshness Locking Technology", which transforms the freshness and tenderness of raw materials under the three standards of "alpine, Mingqian, and tea buds" into the freshness of high-end green tea, making freshness a step further. Among them, the "high-efficiency and quick-fixing technology" and "high-temperature quick-flavoring technology" maintain the active ingredients of tea to a great extent, so that the tea leaves are fully tender and chestnut-flavored; the "precise moisture control technology" achieves a breakthrough of 3% moisture content, which also creates The "low-temperature freezing and fresh-keeping technology" and "independent nitrogen-filling fresh-keeping technology" perfectly preserve the freshness of tea leaves, allowing tea lovers to enjoy the first taste of spring anytime, anywhere.

"Five-fold freshness lock technology" is the accumulation of Zhuyeqing's more than 20 years of scientific research and technological innovation, which escorts the "fresher" high-end quality, and also allows Zhuyeqing to achieve the leading sales of high-end green tea in China for 14 consecutive years. , and twice won the Gold Award of the World Green Tea Conference and the High Quality Recommendation Award of the International Tea Committee.

What are the famous tea brands? It seems a simple question. Behind it lies the sense of responsibility of leading brands such as Zhuyeqing, as well as the care for Chinese tea culture. In March of this year, Bamboo Leaf Youth Tea was launched in the "fresh" market. Let's taste the gift from spring in this cup of Bamboo Leaf Tea.