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Issuing time:2022-03-19 18:13

During the Winter Olympics, the world's attention once again focused on China. The Olympic athletes in front of the stage worked hard, and many companies behind the scenes contributed to the success of the Winter Olympics. Behind this ice and snow event, Anxi tea companies also shine. As a leader in organic tea, Taoyuan Organic Tea Farm, a tea company from our county, has become the only tea raw material supplier for the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games by virtue of its excellent strength, providing Wuyutai Tea Industry The six major organic tea raw materials will enhance the event.

Olympic athletes fall in love with "Anxi taste"

Catering, one of the important logistical guarantees, has attracted much attention during the Winter Olympics. The catering standards for this Winter Olympics and Paralympics are very strict. On the basis of meeting the catering regulations of the Olympic Games, it is also necessary to strictly abide by the requirements of Beijing's epidemic prevention, the new closed-loop management links, personnel closed-loop management links and closed-loop management of the logistics chain. All test the strength of Anxi Tieguanyin very much. The supplier of raw materials for the Winter Olympics seems simple, but behind it is "difficult."

"The Olympic Games is the highest palace of sports, and the organizing committee has extremely strict requirements on various supporting facilities." Wang Jianren, chairman of Taoyuan Organic Tea Farm, said that in order to ensure the safe supply of tea for the Olympic Games, the tea farm set up a special team, and he himself As the team leader, establish a whole-process traceability system, optimize and upgrade various software and hardware facilities of the base, and ensure that the whole process of tea production is strictly in accordance with SC food requirements.

During the stocking period, Taoyuan Organic Tea Farm accepted the whole-process supervision of agriculture and rural areas, market supervision, public security and other departments, and finally provided six types of organic tea for the Olympic Games, with a product qualification rate of 100%, which made athletes from all over the world fall in love with it. Unique "Anxi Taste".

Anxi Tieguanyin's entry into the Winter Olympics not only captured the "hearts" of athletes at home and abroad, but also aroused heated discussions from all walks of life in the tea industry. Wang Xiaopeng, director of the county agriculture and rural bureau, believes that this is not only the honor of the company, but also the pride of the whole county. And Su Feng, a tea expert and professor-level senior agronomist from the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, fully affirmed the effectiveness of our county in paying close attention to the quality of tea in the past ten years, and believes that this is a major progress in the province's tea industry.

"Anxi Tieguanyin meets the national standards and is more in line with the standards of the International Olympic Committee." Su Feng has been engaged in tea quality safety and quality certification for many years, and knows a lot about Anxi Tieguanyin. He told reporters that in recent years, Anxi has taken hard measures in quality control, and the quality and safety level of tea has been greatly improved.

In recent years, through basic management measures such as ecological restoration of tea mountains, soil improvement of tea gardens, scientific pruning of tea trees, and green prevention and control of pests and diseases, our county has continuously and systematically carried out tea ecologicalization, planting organicization, and management standardization, so as to create quality from tea gardens to teacups. And a safe whole-process control system to ensure the high-quality development of the tea industry, has won the honorary titles of National Agricultural Product Quality and Safety County, National Green Prevention and Control Demonstration County, Green Food Raw Material Standardization Production Base County and other honorary titles.

"Anxi Tieguanyin has unlimited development potential in the future." Wang Jianren said, thanks to the county's focus on the return of skills in recent years, vigorously promoting the circulation of tea gardens, the basement of tea garden management, and the cooperation and centralization of tea processing, the scale benefit has been significantly improved. , the market recognition of Anxi Tieguanyin has been significantly improved. In the future, we will continue to promote the dissemination and promotion of the concept of organic tea planting and expand the influence of Anxi's organic tea industry.

Promote Anxi tea culture to the world

The fragrance of Taoyuan organic tea floats over the Winter Olympics, which is just a microcosm of "Anxi Tieguanyin" shining on the international stage. In recent years, our county has actively responded to the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, made great efforts to promote the process of brand internationalization, continuously improved the brand's international popularity and influence, and promoted Chinese tea culture to the world. Behind this, in addition to Taoyuan Organic Tea Farm, there are many leading tea companies such as Bama Tea Industry and Huaxiangyuan who are deeply cultivating the international market.

Since 2011, Bama Tea Industry has started a touring tour. Starting from Quanzhou, it traveled to 69 cities in 24 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, and entertained VIPs from 192 countries. Drink well for China and drink well for the world”. With its high-quality products, Bama tea products have been selected as the designated tea for the banquet hall of the China Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo, and have participated in the Shanghai World Expo and the Milan World Expo. Not only that, upholding the feeling and responsibility of the hometown brand, Bama Tea has also served many important foreign affairs events, such as the 2017 BRICS Xiamen Summit and the 2017 Maritime Silk Road International Art Festival, etc., promoting Anxi Tieguanyin to the world. .

On the road of Anxi Tieguanyin tea culture dissemination, Huaxiangyuan has also been successful all the way. So far, it has become the VIP tea ceremony 3 times, 11 times to help the prosperous tea talk, and it has become the tea that the VIPs of 76 countries drink. From the BRICS meeting in Xiamen to Russian VIPs, to the Sino-British Diaoyutai tea ceremony for British VIPs, and to the Sino-DPRK Dalian meeting for North Korean VIPs, Huaxiangyuan represents the tea village to go abroad, using tea as a symbol of friendship and cooperation. The bond has become one of the symbols of friendly exchanges and cooperation.

While tea companies are making frequent efforts, our county also spares no effort to deploy overseas markets and speed up the pace of going global. In recent years, our county has continuously increased the international publicity and promotion of tea culture. On the basis of actively using the Sino-French cultural forum, the "Fujian Tea Sea Silk Tour" and other activity platforms, it has guided, encouraged and supported leading enterprises to form a group to the countries along the "Belt and Road". etc. to carry out tea promotion and promotion activities, brand tea companies carry out various tea promotion activities abroad; set up Anxi Tieguanyin Marketing Center in Europe, set up tea society in European universities, and promote Anxi Tieguanyin to the doorsteps and schools of international tea lovers. Inside.

Accelerate the process of internationalization of Anxi Tieguanyin brand. At present, Anxi Tieguanyin has completed trademark registration in 46 countries and regions including the European Union, Russia and Japan; Anxi Tieguanyin has been successfully selected into the "China-Europe 100+100" list of products for mutual recognition and mutual protection of geographical indication products. At the same time, our county continuously promotes product quality to be benchmarked against the world's first-class standards, and has organized nearly 1,000 enterprises in the county to train the latest certification knowledge such as US USDA and EU BCS to strengthen product quality.

At the same time, our county is also committed to promoting "Anxi Tieguanyin" into the international high-end social circle, and continuously improving the brand's international reputation and influence. Anxi Tieguanyin has become the commemorative tea of foreign parties for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, the 45th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Italian diplomatic relations, and the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Greece. In recent years, Anxi Tieguanyin has frequently appeared on the international stage, and has served many tea events such as the Xiamen BRICS meeting and the Sino-British, Sino-Indian and Sino-DPRK leaders' meetings, taking the road of global development and helping Anxi Tieguanyin to spread its fragrance around the world.

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