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News Detail


Issuing time:2022-03-18 11:10

Recently, at the Wenchang Space Launch Site in my country, the Long March 8 Yao-2 carrier rocket ignited and took off, and the first domestic remote sensing satellite "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" named after tea was also successfully launched. As the first commercial optical remote sensing satellite with sub-meter ground resolution in Fujian Province, this satellite is a high-resolution remote sensing satellite co-operated by Anxi County, Zhongke Xingqiao and Changguang Satellite, and is also a digital industrialization satellite of Anxi County. The first major move in exploration.

According to reports, the orbital height of the satellite is 535 kilometers. It adopts innovative technologies such as lightweight structural design, highly integrated electronic system, high-resolution ultra-lightweight and low-cost cameras, enabling the entire satellite to achieve a resolution better than 0.75 meters and a width greater than 17 meters. In the case of static push-broom images of kilometers, it has the characteristics of low cost, low power consumption, low weight and high resolution. The high-resolution image products provided by the satellite can be used in fields such as digital tea gardens, precision agriculture, precise mapping, urban governance, and monitoring of changes in global key targets. It is received by the commercial remote sensing satellite ground station in the park.

In another report, aerospace science and technology is a key area in the national "14th Five-Year Plan" to strengthen the national strategic scientific and technological strength. The satellite relies on the Fujian Station Project of the Global Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Receiving Station Network of China Science and Technology Xingqiao Company in Anxi County, and builds in Anxi, Quanzhou, the air and space data reception and processing, satellite operation control, remote sensing satellite R&D, manufacturing and data application that radiate the whole province. The integrated whole industry chain ecosystem of space, space and earth that serves, helps the high-quality and sustainable development of the digital economy and "Digital Fujian", builds a highland of space science and technology, seizes the commanding heights of the "Belt and Road" spatial information corridor, and builds the integration of space, space and ground information for my country. Network and promote the implementation of the "National Big Data Strategy", and make important contributions to the construction of "Digital China".