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铁观音产地 踏遍灵气福地,寻味大美福建

Issuing time:2022-03-17 11:27







When it comes to what can best represent the beauty of Fujian, some people think that it is the cool and mellow tea fragrance. Fuding white tea for relieving heat and detoxification, fragrant and elegant jasmine tea, Dahongpao with quiet Zen rhythm, and Anxi Tieguanyin with fragrant aroma... A dazzling array of famous teas has created this "tea kingdom" belonging to the land of Bamin.

Some people think it is the unique architectural beauty of Fujian. Tulou, a symbol of Fujian architecture, was included in the World Heritage List as early as 2008. Being in Yongding and Nanjing Tulou Group seems to pass through the real world of "Big Fish and Begonia".

Like the star-studded "Blue Tears" of Pingtan and Jinrao Mountain, known as "the first peak of the Eight Fujian Provinces", they are all postcards of the great beauty of Fujian. The towering and steep mountains, the vast and boundless ocean, the phrase "the sea contains hundreds of rivers, and tolerance is great" has been best interpreted at this moment.

Hokkien, Fuzhou's Jiu Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival Bo cake... The unique customs and habits are the cultural treasures of the Fujian people. Stepping on this fertile soil, you can encounter the unique beauty of local customs and customs.

Fujian people have been born by the sea since ancient times, and the Mazu belief in the civilized world is accompanied by the birth. As a "world intangible cultural heritage", there are more than 5,000 Mazu temples in the world, the most classic of which is the Mazu Temple on Meizhou Island. This ancient temple carries the civilization of Fujian people for thousands of years and shows the beauty of Fujian culture. .

There are countless beauties in Fujian, and Baijiahao Fuzhou Center opens the year-round topic #100 kinds of beauty in Fujian. We invite everyone to actively participate in the topic and share what you think is the beauty of Fujian. Open the Baidu APP to participate in the event and tell the beauty in your heart. Fujian!