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铁观音克数 Tieguanyin grams

Issuing time:2022-03-15 12:00

When it comes to the amount of tea for a single brew of Tieguanyin tea, or the optimal amount of tea for a single brew of Tieguanyin tea, I believe that different tea lovers have different answers in their hearts.

Tea friend A: 6.8 grams!

Tea friend B: No, it's 7 grams!

Tea friend C: It is 7.2 grams!

Tea friend D: You are all wrong, it should be 7.5 grams!

Tea friend E: Sorry, the correct answer is 8 grams!


Arguing endlessly, where is the truth?

In fact, this is a question with no standard correct answer.

It is only because quantitative indicators are often overwhelmed and insufficient in the tea world constructed by personalized taste tasting.

Looking back, Tieguanyin tea has been vacuum-packed in independent coated plastic bags for nearly 20 years. Its appearance was developed with the improvement of the mechanization level of tea and the technological innovation of Tieguanyin tea, and it also strengthened the role of tea as a daily gift for Chinese people.

Prior to this, Tieguanyin tea was mostly made by traditional craftsmanship with a relatively high degree of fermentation. The packaging was mostly tin cans or four-cornered paper bags with the same medicinal materials. Generally, it was packaged in the form of loose tea in increments of 50 grams, usually 150 grams. , 250 grams, and the amount of tea taken at a time when brewing is a relatively random "one-handed grasp".

The question is why Tieguanyin tea is basically 7 grams in the beginning of the independent small package?

The reason is that in the professional tea review, the white porcelain lid bowl used has a standard capacity of 110ml and 3.2 inches, and the standard amount of tea is 7 grams at a time. After water injection, it can fully display the color and aroma of the tea leaves.

However, now we have also seen that, whether it is a small and medium-sized seller or a brand monopoly, the number of grams per brew of Tieguanyin tea is no longer the same 7 grams, and some are 7.2 grams, 7.3 grams, or 7.5 grams, 7.8 grams, and others. Some are 8 grams, even 8.5 grams.

Of course, the grams of Tieguanyin tea is basically kept between 7-8 grams. It can be seen that this range is the best amount of tea for Tieguanyin tea.

Many people may wonder, isn't the gap between these data just 0.2 grams, 0.3 grams, and 0.5 grams? It seems trivial. If it is specific to tea, it may be a matter of one more grain of tea rice and one less grain of tea rice. Is it true?

In fact, for teas that are distinguished by refined taste, the difference in magnitude of a few tenths may be a difference in quality grades, and reflected in the price, it may be a gap of fifty or hundreds.

Understanding this has very practical guiding significance for us how to brew a cup of really delicious Tieguanyin tea.

That is to take the amount according to the material, and master the amount of tea to be poured at a time.

In the traditional consumption area of Tieguanyin in Fujian and southern Fujian, people often use 110ml and 130ml lidded cups to brew Tieguanyin tea, which are commonly known as 7-gram and 8-gram cups.

Therefore, Yifangjun strongly recommends that tea lovers who love Tieguanyin should always keep these two kinds of lids on the tea table, in case of emergency.

Although there is no fixed standard for the amount of tea poured each time, it mainly depends on the quality characteristics of the tea itself, the capacity of the tea set, and the drinking habits of the tea drinker.

If the dry tea is fluffy and thick, or it belongs to the tea leaves picked and refined in the late tea season, then each time you brew, you can refer to the input amount of 7.5 grams or even 8 grams;

If it belongs to the tea leaves picked at the beginning of the tea season, the tea leaves are relatively tender, and it is recommended to appropriately reduce the amount of tea poured, taking 7 grams or 7.2 grams as a reference.

If it is a real high mountain tea, the leaves are thick, the finished tea is tight and round, the aroma is high, and the taste is mellow, then you might as well put the tea into the cup according to the standard sample of 7 grams.

In this way, perhaps, every time we brew Tieguanyin tea, there will be a wonderful tasting that will brighten our hearts.