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Issuing time:2022-03-15 11:42

Tieguanyin packaging:

Simple and elegant, small bubble bag + inner bag, generally cheap tea has no inner bag


It belongs to the true taste of Tieguanyin. It has the unique floral flavor of high mountain tea. The entrance is very soft, the articulation is fragrant, and the sweetness is obvious.

Tea soup:

Very clean and clear, only the first bubble has broken residue, and the latter is clean and no filter is needed.

Foam resistance:

I have to complain about this. The teapot I used, I don’t know if it has been brewed for a few times, but it still smells good. It’s really super resistant to bubbles! It is recommended to hold 8g

Red Heart Tieguanyin Identification:

1- The so-called red heart means that when picking, the tea stems are red, (see the picture has been marked) only 2 tea stems were found in the whole bag, and they were red, the first means that it is indeed a real red heart Tieguanyin, the second It means that the tea is clean and there are no excess tea stems. (In fact, the red heart Tieguanyin, the tea with stems is better!)

2-Good tea soaking test for a long time: The third soaking for 3 minutes is no different from 10 seconds. It does mean that it is a good tea. In the end, I couldn't drink it anymore, so I simply soaked it for 5 minutes and rested, and the taste still did not appear astringent. It is indeed a good tea!