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Issuing time:2022-03-15 11:38

I would like to know

Why when the spring breeze comes

Full of dark fragrance surging on both sides of the blue stream

Why is life and death parting after four seasons of reincarnation?

still in love

I would like to know

Why a few drops of golden fragrance

You can do it, but there are so many dreams in the world that haunt your soul

Why was an encounter that traveled through mountains and rivers thousands of years ago?

They are destined to be forever entangled with each other

Let us tell you, friend!

We came from the fragrant dirt

The meridians are washed with the abundance of spring

We slipped quietly from the ears of the wind

The soul is intertwined with the phoenix's nirvana

Let us tell you, friend!

We came from Lu Yu's Tea Classic

The heart beats the dance song of Feng Ya Song

Qin Han Mingyue, Tang and Song Poems

Avalokitesvara goes to sea, Han Xin orders troops

How many poems and how many stories are familiar

Let us tell you, friend!

We came from Anxi, a tea town

The taste of the user comforts the sleeplessness of the years

Lightly pour and drink carefully, leave a fragrance on the teeth and cheeks

A cup of tea to shake all the sorrows

Who cares about the popularity of the world

Let us tell you, friend!

We came from the Maritime Silk Road

Moisturize foreign countries with the cultivation of oriental culture

We build bridges of friendship with passion

Convey kindness with wisps of fragrance

The tea of the years is simple and elegant

The water of time, about clouds and mist to nourish

In the name of Anxi, praise a Tieguanyin

Let the tender leaves wake up every bright spring

    Let the fragrance of tea smudge the moonlight that was 10,000 years ago

    We, with Qingshan as the axis, have an open mind

    We, with green water as a medium, have achieved great results

    The Belt and Road, the spring breeze leads, the beautiful scenery is in front