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Issuing time:2022-03-14 19:31








The story of Kong Rong's pears has already become a story of the ages, and when Liuchiweixiang has been praised by everyone. Praise, in the face of the gold medals of the World Table Tennis Championships, I can't help but ask, should we give them up, and what should we give up?

It is true that when the national anthem is played again and again at the table tennis competition, the Chinese people are so proud and proud. However, in the face of the so-called "monopoly" questioning one after another, we will also be anxious and reflect. So, should we let it go?

In my opinion, we can give up technology, not medals, we can give up scientific training methods, but we must not deliberately weaken our own strength, so that other countries can win gold medals and whitewash the prosperity of the world economy. The illusion of diversity.

Time flies by, China just released a drastic change a hundred years ago, and a shocking change has just begun. In the past 100 years, we have felt the vigorous changes in China. We should proudly say that these changes were created by the hands of the Chinese. When did we ask the British and American countries to give up a piece of the world?

It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. When our advanced table tennis training methods reach the world level, we have reason to do technical exchanges with other countries and give up technology. And when our rice planting technology was improved due to Yuan Longping's achievements, we also offered to let him cultivate talents for the world's rice planting. Only in this way can the food problem be solved, not just blindly giving up food to relieve the hungry.

Kong Rong gave up pears and six-foot micro-lane, what he gave up was a traditional virtue, and what he gave up was a kind of beauty of human nature. This is not the case with medals, food and money, and all material things, can only save temporary needs, and sometimes even violate basic moral principles. Only when advanced technology is shared by the world. Only then can we really see high-level competitions, we can really see that there are no more hungry and crying children in this world, and we can really see that people's smiling faces bloom in every corner of the world.

You make or don't let the world change because of it; you make or don't let no one force it. However, before you think about giving or not, please remember to consider whether to give up a momentary honor for the "glory" of the world, or give up technology, give up science, and exchange for the bright and cheerful laughter of the world , in exchange for a happy life for thousands of years?

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