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tea tourism 茶叶旅游

Issuing time:2022-03-14 12:54

The rain forest is dense, the rocks are jagged, and the trickles are trickling... Walking into the waterman township of Wuzhishan City, the eyes are full of green, and the air is filled with a fragrance. Every holiday, visitors experience the tea picking, greening, rolling and shaping process in the picturesque ecological tea garden in Shuiman Township.

In recent years, Wuzhishan City has vigorously developed the tea industry. In addition to selling tea to all parts of the country, it has also actively explored the development model of "promoting travel with tea and bringing tea with travel", turning it into a new driving force for local cultural tourism. Since 2021, the city has created a tourism business card of "red tea in spring, red leaves in winter", and accelerated the pace of the integrated development of local tea tourism.

Shuiman Township's sightseeing tea gardens and beautiful tea mountains have become the business cards of Wuzhishan City's tourism industry. Every holiday, two tourist roads, the South Water Road and Maoshui Road in Shuiman Township, come and go. Tourists stop and visit here, looking at the tea mountain and tasting the tea.

Tea garden tea fragrance and tea charm attract guests

Located in Shuiman Township, Yexian Tea Garden is a famous tourist tea garden in Wuzhishan City. Every holiday, many tourists come here to enjoy tea in peace, or go up the mountain to experience the fun of tea picking.

In Yexian Tea Garden, you can carry a small bamboo basket on your back and follow the tea-picking girls to pick tea among the fields and ridges of the tea garden, and feel the beautiful natural environment and the effect of ecological planting.

A group of new forms of tea tourism integration such as Yexian Tea Garden have become popular in Wuzhishan City in recent years, becoming a microcosm of the local extension of the tea industry chain and the exploration of new development of tea tourism integration. The city has increased its support for the infrastructure of tea gardens and created unique tourism products that integrate tea and tourism.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Wuzhishan Tea Association, at present, the city has opened a number of tea and tourism integration tourism routes to provide tourists with a unique tourism experience. At the same time, local tea companies have set up tea workshops to spread tea culture.

Standing on the viewing platform of Minglanshe Tea House located in Fanglongyi Village, Shuiman Township, looking into the distance, the first peak of Wuzhishan Mountain, surrounded by clouds and green and tall and straight, is in front of you. In recent years, this viewing platform has become a popular photo spot for Internet celebrities.

"We have guest rooms and tea production workshops here," said Zhang Zhihui, the founder of Minglanshe Tea House. He rented 500 mu of land in Shuiman Township six years ago to grow tea. His original goal was to develop the Wuzhishan black tea industry. After settling here, he decided to build a tea-themed estate, and Minglanshe Tea House was born.

Zhang Zhihui introduced that since its opening in July 2019, Minglanshe Tea House has won unanimous praise from tourists and industry insiders. Here, tourists can experience new tea-tourism integration projects such as tea picking, tea making, and tea drinking.

In the Wonderful Nature Tea Garden in Shihui Village, Tongshi Town, Wuzhishan City, tourists sip tea at the Tea Man Inn and the Rainforest Tea House, and children take part in the tea art training class to learn the etiquette of the tea ceremony. Through the development of the "tea industry + tourism" model, Miao Natural Tea Garden contributes to the integration of tea and tourism in Wuzhishan City.

In the Shizai villager group of Fanglong Village Committee of Shuiman Township near the foot of Wuzhi Mountain, Xie Jian, leader of the provincial tourism and culture department's rural revitalization task force in Fanglong Village, led the villagers and team members to build a cement road of nearly 1 km. Looking out from this road, the tea gardens make people feel relaxed and happy. "The surrounding area of this 100-acre tea garden needs to be re-planned and turned into a new online tea garden check-in point." Xie Jian said, this is the main production area of Shuiman tea, almost every household grows Shuiman tea, and the integration of tea tourism is the next step. One-step rural revitalization work focus.

Special activities to help the integration of tea and tourism

A good ecological environment is the foundation for the development of the tea industry in Hainan. On the basis of ensuring the quality of tea and giving full play to the advantages of tea production time, Wuzhishan City is currently building a regional characteristic brand as a whole, and exerting the brand influence of "good mountains, good water and good tea".

"Wuzhishan City has re-planned the early spring tea festival activities with mainstream media this year, increased publicity and promotion, and jointly created the Wuzhishan tea tourism brand." Zhu Hongling, secretary of the Wuzhishan Municipal Party Committee, said that the city will combine tea products, tea culture and special activities to carry out Precise packaging and promotion will attract more tourists to visit ecological tea gardens, experience and feel the ecological advantages of Hainan tea, and promote the economic growth of agricultural tourism.

In January of this year, the 2022 Hainan (Wuzhishan) early spring tea mining season with the theme of "Tropical Rainforest Spring Comes Early in the National Park", held the spring tea brewing, tea ceremony, Wuzhishan rainforest ceremony and Wuzhishan gift brand conference and other activities, the scale of which has hit a record high. Brand tea companies, tea producers and invited guests in Wuzhishan City introduced the ecological advantages and product characteristics of Wuzhishan tea through live broadcast.

On the tea hills in the Miao Natural Tea Garden, people pick the sprouts and fry them with their own hands to feel the gift of nature. The event on the day also attracted a number of international friends from Russia and Cyprus. They promoted Wuzhishan and Wuzhishan tea, and became ambassadors of Wuzhishan's beautiful natural environment and high-quality tea.

Huang Xiaoning, the host of Hainan Radio and Television Station, said, "From picking tea in Shangchashan to visiting the tea factory, and then to experiencing the process of hand-made tea, I felt the profound connotation of Wuzhishan tea culture and gained a new understanding of Wuzhishan."

Wang Juru, head of Heru Handmade Tea Workshop, participated in the 2022 Hainan (Wuzhi Mountain) early spring tea mining season for the first time this year. In the live broadcast, she introduced Shuiman Township handmade tea to the audience, so that more tourists can understand the local traditional tea-making skills.

In the past two years, Zheng Lijuan, head of Yexian Tea Garden and vice president of Wuzhishan Tea Industry Association, has attracted more tourists to pick and taste tea in Wuzhishan with the help of early spring tea mining season activities and other special activities, helping the development of tea tourism integration industry.

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