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"Wuzhi Shanshui Mancha tea trees coexist with the cypress trees in the tropical rain forest. They grow in a high-quality ecological environment. How can the quality of Shuimanchu tea not be high?" emotion.

In 2013, Zhang Zhihui, who was engaged in the real estate industry in Haikou, began to plan for a transformation. He liked to drink tea. On the way to buy tea in Yunnan, he learned that Shuiman Township produces good tea, "The tea scholars and experts I made friends in Yunnan suggested that I go to understand understand."

This suggestion gave Zhang Zhihui a new idea of workplace transformation. "I have been starting a business in the city for a long time, and I thought I could try to transform into agriculture." Zhang Zhihui introduced to the reporter that in September 2013, he came to Wuzhishanshuiman Township alone to inspect and sent the large-leaf tea products from the village to Yunnan. Tea lovers and experts and scholars, let them compare with Yunnan Dianhong black tea.

After tasting Shuiman black tea, Zhang Zhihui's tea friends and some experts and scholars believed that the quality of Shuiman tea was very high, and suggested Zhang Zhihui to try to develop the Shuiman tea industry. "My technology is not mature enough, but I have a good foundation for management and operation." Zhang Zhihui said that he decided to cooperate with researchers and scholars from Yunnan Tea Research Institute to develop Shuiman Tea.

Just do it. After 2014, Zhang Zhihui and experts plunged into the mountainous area of Wuzhishan, selected wild Hainan big-leaf species for breeding, cuttings, and selected high-quality varieties.

"My philosophy is to make a cup of clean tea. From 2013 to 2021, I will not sell tea for 7 years, and concentrate on growing and cultivating tea well." Zhang Zhihui said that Shuiman tea is high-quality tea. Well, only by constantly developing and breeding varieties can we live up to the expectations of the tea industry for water full of tea.

Due to the good variety and high quality of Shuiman tea, Zhang Zhihui spent nearly 2 million yuan in the early stage to continuously select and breed the cultivated Shuiman tea, increase green prevention and control technology, tea-making skills, and upgrade processing capabilities to ensure a cup of clean water. Full of tea.

In addition, in 2021, Zhang Zhihui will cooperate with the Hangzhou Tea Research Institute of the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives to provide technical support and upgrades to tea-making technologies including fresh leaves, component analysis and research of processed samples, new technology development, and product standard formulation. , to ensure the quality of tea products.

In the past two years, Zhang Zhihui has also invested in the construction of Minglanshe Tea House based on the theme of tea, to create a tea-tourism integration brand of tea making, tea tasting, tea-themed study tours, and well-being vacations, helping the extension of the Shuiman tea industry.

"Shuiman Tea also has a long history of tea industry development. Only by doing a good job in tea making and tea culture will the road become wider and wider." Zhang Zhihui said.

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