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铁观音好茶 Tieguanyin good tea

Issuing time:2022-03-14 12:50

Good tea in the birthplace of Tieguanyin stems from its true concept of seeking tea for the country, and every good tea produced in the origin of Tieguanyin represents the inheritance of craftsmanship, and it is also the embodiment of craftsmanship, just take water Tibetan Fragrance Tieguanyin, the ultimate tea, is famous for its distinctive features of "fragrance in the water, with rhythm in the fragrance".

The four characteristics of water, incense, tea and rhyme have achieved a perfect integration in the Tieguanyin incense stored in water. Why do you say that? Because of the ingenious team, every link from tea planting to picking is strictly checked, and what kind of leaves is selected is also extremely particular, and in terms of greening, production, processing and baking, it not only retains the traditional Skills are also screened with modern scientific instruments. It can be said that every step of her is sacred. This tea rhythm that integrates tradition and technology makes Tieguanyin in the water have a unique charm on the tip of the tongue.

Tieguanyin, a fragrance in water, inherits the splendor and splendor of good tea, and it also shows the modern people's thirst for exquisite tea products in the production of tea. , But the place that can produce water and Tibetan fragrance Tieguanyin may be the only place. The mountains and rivers here are beautiful, there are gurgling streams, the perennial clouds and mists are lingering, and there are unique trace elements in the mountains. Together, the tea trees on the rocks can be enjoyed to the fullest. The beautiful land and green tea trees have lifted the dreams of tea farmers from generation to generation, and also attracted the wonderful desires of tea drinkers from all over the world.

Tieguanyin, a fragrance in water, just listen to the name, and it is already intoxicating. The four characteristics of water, incense, tea and rhyme are reflected on the tea leaves with red lines, bringing a kind of Zen rhythm to people. You can feel the feeling, pour the tea leaves into the pot, and brew it with Shangjia's good water. For a while, the smart dance of water and tea, accompanied by bursts of aroma of tea leaves, makes people feel the ultimate tea fragrance. The beauty of the tea, gently lift the tea cup, taste the tea fragrance carefully, the aftertaste is lingering, and it is even more addicting. At this time, take a sip of the tea, the taste is sweet and fresh, and the aroma is delicate and long, then The planted water is rich and beautiful in the fragrance, and the fragrance is fresh in the water.

With the continuous development of the times and the continuous progress of technology and craftsmanship, Anxi Tieguanyin Tea has also taken the wings of Hongyun Nian Nian Tea, walked out of the vast mountains, came to Wuyang City in the south, and used Kuaihaigou Online Mall as a post station , waving affectionately to the tea guests from all over the world, the water store fragrance Tieguanyin from Anxi to Guangzhou, with its own unique mellow star shine in Kuaihaigou mall, let all corporate members to enjoy the good tea, this is Kuaihaigou The ultimate gift for people.

An ultimate good tea, shining a bright spot in a shopping mall,

An elegant tea fragrance, fragrant the dream of Yangcheng.

Shui Zangxiang Tieguanyin is one of the main brands of Kuaihaigou Mall. The tea rhythm and richness of Wuyi have turned into a faint Tieguanyin tea fragrance, which makes people can't help walking into Kuaihaigou Mall, and through the modern logistics system , take the good tea home and enjoy it with relatives and friends.