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Issuing time:2022-03-14 12:19

In March, the wind is warm and the sun is warm, and the fragrance of tea is the most elegant. After wintering, the tea tree sprouts a sharp bud and leaf, which is fresh, fresh and full of vitality. It has been regarded as a treasure in tea since ancient times.

Spring tea is famous for its freshness. After picking, it needs to be stored at a low temperature in order to better inhibit the oxidative browning of the tea leaves and make the tea fragrance linger for a long time. On March 14, Aucma Tea Township China Tour event, walked into Xinyang, Henan Province, the origin of Maojian, Xinyang. The TEAX series of professional tea storage refrigerators, Aucma tea cabinets, should be updated at the same time.

Tea storage mode One-key switch green tea green tea easy selection

There are many varieties of tea in my country, which can be roughly divided into six categories: green, white, yellow, green, red, and black according to the degree of fermentation. Among them, the most familiar green tea and green tea represented by Tieguanyin need to be below 0 ℃ Store and lock in a low temperature environment. Green tea is unfermented tea. Low temperature can inhibit the oxidative browning of tea leaves and preserve the nutrients and fresh taste of tea leaves. Tieguanyin is a semi-fermented tea. Low temperature storage can inhibit the growth of microorganisms and make the quality of tea more stable. Fully retain the fresh aroma of tea leaves.

In order to make tea storage more convenient, Aucma tea cabinets BC/BD-520TEAX, 730TEAX and 828TEAX have two commonly used professional tea storage modes, green tea at -5℃ and Tieguanyin at -12℃. ;The temperature control is accurate to 0.1 ℃, which reduces the temperature fluctuation in the box, makes the tea fresher more stable, and preserves the true taste to the greatest extent.

The anti-dew middle beam avoids condensation, and the tea is not easy to get wet for a long time

Ordinary refrigerated tea storage often encounters frost and condensation on the cabinet. Different from ordinary ingredients, tea has stricter requirements on the cleanliness of the refrigerated environment. After the freezer is frosted, the loose pores in the frost layer are like a sponge, which is easy to become a breeding ground for microorganisms and odor absorption, which greatly reduces the umami and aroma of the tea leaves; condensation will make the tea leaves damp and deteriorate, causing unnecessary waste.

In view of the characteristics of tea being afraid of moisture and humidity, the cabinet door of Aucma tea cabinet is specially designed with anti-dew pipe, which can automatically defrost and prevent freezing of the middle beam, which further ensures the sealing effect of the refrigerator door and cabinet mouth, and maintains the cabinet. The constant cooling temperature and humidity inside the cabinet ensures no condensation or freezing on the cabinet mouth, creating a pure and undisturbed stable space for tea storage.

The overall injection seal is moisture-proof, and the fine workmanship locks the tea fragrance.

Good tea needs to be stored in a good cabinet. In addition to the special design of the middle beam, the craftsmanship of the cabinet also reflects the exquisite ingenuity. Traditional freezer cabinets mostly use splicing technology, and the seams are not beautiful and affect the sealing performance. Long-term use is also prone to hygienic dead corners.

Aucma tea cabinets have changed the traditional manufacturing method, rejected the splicing of the cabinets, and used the sealed and moisture-proof integral injection moulding cabinets.

The alloy inner tank keeps the heat for a long time, and the temperature is stable and fresh for a long time

The quality of the liner directly affects the performance of the freezer's sealing, thermal insulation, load-bearing and other aspects. The Aucma tea cabinet adopts a flat, beautiful, wear-resistant and anti-fouling PCM alloy overall liner. It has high strength and durability, and its bearing capacity is increased by 25%. It is not easy to be scratched by hard objects, and it is not afraid of hard objects. The SM-PRO foam insulation layer supports the micro-holes to effectively lock the cold. Combined with the thickened door seal, it can effectively isolate the outside air, reduce the loss of cold air, keep the heat for a long time, and prolong the fresh-keeping period of the tea.

Exquisite details of human design, professional quality can be seen

The professional tea storage Aucma tea cabinet can also stand the test in details: the high-quality balance hinge can hover freely, it is easy to open and close, and there is no need to support the tea box when carrying it; it is equipped with strong bearing and wear-resistant nylon resin universal casters, Easy to push and pull, it can be moved and placed as needed, and the tea shop layout is flexible and convenient; the cabinet door is designed with a door lock to prevent random opening, and tea storage is safe; the plastic-dipped storage basket can store small items independently, avoid squeezing, and temporarily store without turning over Find.