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News Detail

West Lake Longjing 西湖龙井 绿茶

Issuing time:2022-03-14 12:18

On March 13, the "Precious and Rare National Limited Edition" - Bama Tea Industry West Lake Longjing New Product Launch Conference was held in Hangzhou. At the event site, Bama Tea Industry signed a cooperation agreement with Fan Shenghua, the representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage West Lake Longjing picking and production skills, and Hangzhou Nuanxin Tea Professional Cooperative, and officially released Bama·Experience West Lake Longjing and Bama·Shifeng Two new products from Longjing.

△Bama Tea Industry West Lake Longjing New Product Launch Conference was held in Hangzhou

At the press conference, the relevant person in charge of the Bama Tea Industry pointed out that spring tea is a "limited gift" of nature, among which the West Lake Longjing before the Ming Dynasty was more precious and rare. Bama Tea Industry adheres to the three major product standards of "golden production areas, traditional skills, and masterpieces by famous masters", and goes deep into the core tea production area of Longjing in West Lake. green tea.

Fan Shenghua said, "Some technologies can't be replaced by two slaps." He hoped that this cooperation with Bama Tea could fully demonstrate the charm of the traditional production skills of West Lake Longjing, and through the blessing of leading enterprises, Continue to write about the glory of West Lake Longjing tea for thousands of years, so that more people can enjoy the health and happiness of tea.

It is reported that among the contracted partners, Fan Shenghua has insisted on making tea with ingenuity for more than 40 years, and is known as the "Master of West Lake Longjing Tea Frying"; while the Hangzhou Nuanxin Tea Professional Cooperative is located at the foot of Shifeng Mountain in the West Lake Longjing Gold Production Area. Master the core resources of Shifeng Longjing.

△Fan Shenghua, the representative inheritor of West Lake Longjing picking and production skills, an intangible cultural heritage, introduced the history and skill inheritance of West Lake Longjing

As one of the top ten famous teas in China, West Lake Longjing has high quality, low output and strong scarcity. The data shows that the West Lake Longjing tea production area only accounts for 2% of the Longjing tea production area, and very few enterprises can obtain the "West Lake Longjing" trademark certification. According to the information released by the West Lake Longjing Tea Management Association, in 2022, the "West Lake Longjing" trademark is only authorized to be used by 139 tea companies, and Bama Tea is one of them.

A cup of high-quality West Lake Longjing is hard to come by. The two new products released this time contain the heart of Bama Tea Industry to select "authentic green tea from the origin" for consumers-focusing on the gold production area and traditional skills, respectively, to present the rareness of West Lake Longjing to the extreme. quality.

Among them, the raw materials of Bama·Shifeng Longjing are collected from Shifeng Mountain, which is the first of the five core production areas of West Lake Longjing. ·Experience the West Lake Longjing, which is jointly created by Wang Wenli and Fan Shenghua, the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage project Oolong tea production skills (Tieguanyin production skills), chairman of Bama Tea Industry, and sold in limited quantities nationwide.

According to reports, Bama Tea will give full play to its channel advantages, and through its more than 2,300 stores across the country, consumers from all over the country will be able to enjoy the "one phase one meeting" with West Lake Longjing for the first time.

△Bama·Shifeng Longjing (above) and Bama·Lianlian West Lake Longjing (below) released this time (the pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product)

In the future, Bama Tea will adhere to the development policy of "quality leads the brand and drive", build a high-end Chinese tea brand, and continue to iterate products with extreme ingenuity to meet the high-end needs of the market; Diversified forms show the magnificent picture of good tea from the origin to the public.