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铁观音茶叶水生活妙用Tieguanyin Tea and Water Life Magical Uses

Issuing time:2022-03-13 13:09

In fact, people who really know how to grow flowers absolutely know that tea water fermentation can water flowers. Note that what we are talking about here is actually the tea water after fermentation, not the tea water that has just been brewed and has not been drunk. Tea itself is an alkaline substance, which will affect the absorption of fertilizer by flowers. However, the tea water that is fermented after soaking in water will turn its alkaline substances into acidic substances. At this time, it can naturally be used for watering, and it also plays a role in maintaining the soil.

Under normal circumstances, we will put the tea water in a sealed tea tin, put a little orange peel and vinegar in it, seal it and put it at home for a night, so that the overnight alkalinity can be converted into Acidic. The fermented tea water at this time is very suitable for those acidic plants.

After the tea leaves are fermented, a penicillin will be produced. Although it is a mold, it can bring a lot of nutrients to the plant as long as it is used properly. Penicillin can also eliminate germs and bacteria in the plant soil. And because of its acidic state, it can also fertilize acidic soil and prevent soil from becoming alkaline.

Under normal circumstances, tea water will produce tea scale, and it will be difficult to clean after a long time. Therefore, flower friends, please note that the tea should not be fermented for too long, and it is basically enough for a day and a night. If you are afraid that the nutrients are not enough, you can also add some rice water to the tea to ferment. This is very beneficial for the growth of those plants that are flowers and plants.

However, there are still people who are undecided about the tea leaves in the tea, and some people think it is useless and throw them away, but in fact, the tea leaves can be fished out and dried and collected. In the future, it can be added to the soil only under the condition of turning the soil. Such dry tea has the magical effect of loosening the soil and improving the soil structure.

Precautions for watering flowers with tea

1. Suitable for acidic soil

Fermented tea leaves are only suitable for watering flowers that grow in acidic soil. Because after the tea water is fermented, it will remove its own alkalinity and become acidic water. If it is poured into the flowers in alkaline soil, not only will the flowers not be maintained, but the flowers will not adapt to it, and in severe cases will die. Acidic soil flowers include: gardenias, cherry blossoms, begonias, rhododendrons and hydrangeas, etc.

2. At most once a week

Although tea water fermented watering flowers has few flowers in acidic soil, the fermented water cannot be watered every day. After all, too much is too much. If you add too much nutrition, it will inevitably make the soil and plants unacceptable. If your watering frequency is too high, there will be a phenomenon of burning heels, and in severe cases, the plants will die.

3. Pay attention to pests

You must know that after watering the flowers with the fermented tea water, some flying insects will be attracted due to the special smell of the tea leaves. If you don't care about it, it's easy to let the flowers breed insects. Therefore, after watering the flowers with tea water, you must always pay attention to preventing pests. In severe cases, deworming is required.