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Issuing time:2022-03-12 14:51





The remote sensing data of the first orbit of the Anxi Tieguanyin No. 1 satellite in Anxi County was successfully received on March 1. After signal decoding and data processing, the quality of the satellite image data is very good, and the full-color data image has clear contrast and high resolution; The spectral data has a high degree of color reproduction, reaching various design indicators of satellite data.

The "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" satellite was successfully launched in Wenchang at 11:06 a.m. on February 27. The satellite is a remote sensing satellite cooperating with Anxi County, Fujian Province, Zhongke Xingqiao and Changguang Satellite. The first major measure of industrialization exploration. A small step in the launch of a satellite is a giant leap forward for the tea industry. The successful launch of the "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" satellite has not only become a footnote for Anxi Tieguanyin to grasp the development opportunities of the digital economy, but also an opportunity to broaden the development possibilities of tea technology and tea industry.

Technically, the "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" satellite will give new momentum to the digital construction of the tea industry. According to the introduction, the "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" satellite has various advanced imaging modes. In addition to the conventional imaging mode, it also has a non-orbital smart imaging mode, which can directly obtain "quasi-orthophoto" original images; the low-light night light imaging mode can Get an image of city night lights. Relying on the characteristics of high resolution, high integration and intelligence, the "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" satellite can monitor the growth of each tea tree in the tea garden from a high-altitude orbit, monitor pests and diseases, and trace the quality of the life cycle of tea trees. The quality of Tieguanyin tea and the "hard power" of Tieguanyin brand provide a guarantee.

The relevant person in charge of the Anxi County Party Committee and County Government introduced that the phased goal of Anxi tea garden development is to build a smart tea garden in the whole area, and rely on new technologies and hard technologies to improve the planting level of tea gardens. Satellite remote sensing monitoring technology plays a prominent role in tea garden management, disaster early warning, land use management, and industrial policy formulation. Taking satellite as a guide, Anxi's digital technology will run through the whole process of tea plantation management, tea picking, tea making, packaging and transportation. With the successful launch of the "Anxi Tieguanyin-1" satellite, the Tieguanyin tea industry with a brand value of 100 billion is expected to release digital vitality.