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shake hands

Issuing time:2022-03-10 11:07

Shaking hands can convey love and nourish the heart; shaking hands can eliminate the estrangement between each other and resolve the separation of life; shaking hands can also enhance friendship and warm each other's hearts.

We often shake hands with others, with learning, with history... Among the many handshakes, we should all shake hands with books. If a person does not shake hands with books in his life, I am afraid, this person will be degraded. If human beings don't shake hands with books, then our human history will be stagnant.

Books are the ladder of human progress. Books are essential in a person's life. Books can broaden people's horizons, understand society, and understand history. It can also let people know the existence of some objects and its mysteries. "I threw myself on a book, like a hungry man threw himself on bread." Gorky, a former Soviet writer, once said. It can be seen that celebrities attach great importance to shaking hands with books, not to mention those of us who are exploring the ocean of knowledge?

Over the years, I have shaken hands with books many times. At the moment of shaking hands, I can always feel the vicissitudes of those big hands. Their brains are filled with thousands of knowledge and their stomachs are filled with ink. , there is nothing it doesn't know. Just after these many, many moments, I became attached to it, I longed to shake hands with it, and even if there was no chance, I would look for it. Since then, I have often shaken hands with him.

Shaking hands with history books, I learned about the 5,000-year history of China and witnessed countless wonderful historical moments. It seems that I have personally experienced the rule of Zhenguan, the Opium War and the Revolution of 1911...

Shaking hands with celebrities, I saw the heroic deeds of celebrities from ancient and modern China and abroad, and felt their broad spirit, just like the sun warms my heart. When I shook hands with Confucius, I felt that he was approachable, solemn and rigorous; This kind of spirit is worth thinking about. Shaking hands with Zhuge Liang, I learned that he combines loyalty, filial piety, righteousness and conspiracy. with Bill? Gates shook hands and I was struck by his perseverance and innovative spirit…. Shaking hands with celebrity biographies has always taught me a lot, a lot.

Shaking hands with famous writers, I felt the breadth and depth of Chinese classical culture. After reading "Water Margin", I seem to see the vastness of the mist in Liangshan. After reading "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", I seemed to see the majestic momentum of burning Chibi. After reading "Journey to the West", I seemed to see the difficulties and obstacles that the four masters and apprentices went through in unity. After reading "A Dream of Red Mansions", I seem to have seen the rise and fall of the four major families, and felt the peak period of Chinese classical novels.

Shaking hands with others can convey love and eliminate barriers. And I shook hands with books, but it benefited me a lot, and I will never forget it.