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中国最贵茶叶排行榜 The most expensive tea in China

Issuing time:2022-03-08 14:33

No. 10: Duyun Maojian, the tenth ranked Duyun Maojian, is from Guizhou, my country. At the opening ceremony of the Duyun Maojian New Tea Auction in 2011, Duyun Maojian was the most popular. The total transaction price of Yunmaojian Special Treasure Tea King (0.15kg) is as high as 220,000 yuan, of which, the highest transaction price of Duyun Maojian Special Treasure Tea King "No. 2" (0.15kg) is 100,000 yuan RMB, let’s do a simple conversion, which is equivalent to a price of 666,000 yuan per kilogram. It can be seen that it is not entirely unreasonable why so many people put Duyun Maojian in the list of “Top Ten Famous Teas in China”. .

No. 9: Anxi Tieguanyin, Fujian Anxi Tieguanyin, I believe everyone is familiar with this tea. It is one of the top ten famous teas in China. The contestant representing Anxi Tieguanyin, the King of Tea "Sai Qingxiang" Tieguanyin, sold for 67,000 yuan for a 100-gram pack, which is equivalent to 670,000 yuan per kilogram. The auction price was instantly refreshed. The highest auction price of Anxi Tieguanyin Spring Tea. However, even though Tieguanyin performed extremely optimistically this time, he was still only ranked ninth in this ranking, just a shortlist.

No. 7: Fenghuang Dancong Songzhong No. 1 This tea with a long name and a mouthful comes from Fenghuang County, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, my country. At the mining ceremony of Fenghuang Dancong Songzhong, 1 million yuan/kg of tea was found. Overpriced tea. Since ancient times, everything is rare and precious. The annual output of Songzhong No. 1 is only 1 kilogram. You may think that one kilogram is too little. No, the annual output of one kilogram is among the tea trees of the tea king level. That's pretty prolific. This tongue-in-cheek "Chaozhou Phoenix Dancong Songzhong No. 1" is the oldest tea tree still existing in the Phoenix Tea Area. According to research, it has a history of more than 600 years. Varieties are naturally crossed and then individually screened among their progeny. It grows in Lizaiping Village, Wuxi, about 1150 meters above sea level, among several huge Taishi drums on the top of the house. Therefore, Fenghuang Dancong Songzhong No. 1 is also extremely precious, and it can be included in the collection-grade tea of our country together with several high-priced tea kings listed above.

No. 6: Xinyang Maojian Xinyang Maojian is from Henan, my country. It was once famous at home and abroad for its unique style. Together with West Lake Longjing from Hangzhou, it ranks among the top ten famous teas in China, and it is also the best green tea. At the top-quality Xinyang auction in 2006, Xinyang Maojian Tea King "Blue Sky Jade Leaf" was sold at a price of 745,000 yuan per 500 grams, equivalent to 1.49 million yuan/kg, setting the highest auction price for green tea in Chinese history. The transaction price, "Blue Sky Jade Leaf", like the "Splendid Tea King" in Pu'er Tea, is the most glorious symbol representing the Xinyang Maojian Tea King. The cultural value of Xinyang Maojian far exceeds the value of its tea itself, and it has become a A symbol of a regional public tea brand.

5th place: Huangshan Maojian

Anhui is a good place, not only for the production of Lu'an melon slices, Huangshan Maojian, also from Huangshan, Anhui, is slightly higher than Lu'an melon slices. Like Xinyang Maojian, it is also on the top ten famous tea lists in China. At the auction of "Huangshan Cup" fine tea held in June 2007, Wang Mantian's top-quality Huangshan Maofeng 50 grams was sold at a sky-high price of 85,000 yuan, which is equivalent to 1.7 million yuan for one kilogram. The sky-high price is still unimaginable even today.

No. 4: Taiping Houkui Anhui, this magical place, just mentioned the production of Lu'an Guapian and Huangshan Maojian, isn't it? Let’s talk about Anhui again. There are many famous mountains. The so-called high mountains and clouds make good tea. Except for Huangshan Maojian and Lu’an Guapian, Taiping Houkui and Qimen Black Tea are also famous teas at home and abroad. In 2007 Shanghai International Commodity Auction Co., Ltd. "Huangshan Cup" boutique tea auction, Liubaili brand Taiping Houkui sold for a sky-high price of 159,000 yuan/100 grams, which is a bit incredible. However, such a high price is not enough. It didn't last long and was refreshed after two years. Two years later, at the "National Gift Tea Anhui Taiping Houkui Famous Tea Auction" in Jinan, the same packaging Taiping Houkui was auctioned for 200,000 yuan/100 grams, which is equal to 2 million yuan/kg. The tea tree of the sky-high price tea has a history of more than 300 years. A wild tea tree is the most precious and rare tea tree in Taiping Houkui tea. Its name is called "National Gift Tea", then you will not I can't understand why it's so expensive.

3rd place: West Lake Longjing

The West Lake Longjing from Hangzhou, Zhejiang is almost a household name, and has always been crowned with the highest honor of "the top ten famous teas in China". We don't need to go into details here. Then, the "Eight Trees in the Royal Front" of Longjing in Longjing is naturally also It's on the list of sky-high tea prices. At present, the annual output of Longjing's "Yuqian Eight Trees" is only 100g. We can't measure such a low output with exact numbers. Other than "Yuqian Eight Trees", other pre-Qingming pre-Qingming super Longjings have already been produced in 2014. Hurricane soared to more than 100,000 yuan per kilogram. However, this year's sky-high price of Longjing has dropped a lot. However, the premium West Lake Longjing with excellent taste is still warmly sought after by many local tyrants. Therefore, sky-high price Longjing is still emerging.

2nd place: Dahongpao, the mother tree of Wuyi Mountain, Dahongpao, from Fujian Province, three ancient trees with more than 350 years old in Jiulongchao. It was the tribute tea in the Qing Dynasty, and only the emperor could enjoy it. In 1998, at the first China Wuyi Mountain Dahongpao Tea Culture Festival, local tyrants bid for the mother tree Dahongpao at a high price of 156,800 yuan/20 grams; in 2005, at the 7th Wuyishan Tea Culture Festival, the same 20 grams of Wuyishan mother tree was held. Dahongpao was auctioned at a sky-high price of 208,000 yuan, which is equivalent to 10.4 million yuan per kilogram. In February this year, Beiyan Tea Factory bought the three-year management right of Wuyishan Dahongpao mother tree tea house for 9.06 million yuan. The words "the most expensive in history" can no longer be expressed, because this tea has long been priceless. The 6 existing mother trees, Dahongpao tea trees, have long been included in the "World Heritage List". They are absolutely rare tea species. In 2006, the government has banned tea picking.

1st place: Gourd Tribute Tea Gourd Tribute Tea, a noble tea from Yunnan Province, the King of Splendid Tea "Xiangzhuqing" won the highest title of "the most expensive tea in the history of Pu'er" at a price of 350,000 yuan per 100 grams , If you look at the collection level, Jingua tribute tea is undoubtedly the most prestigious among Pu'er teas. Is tea a cultural relic? Yes, Jinga tribute tea is a national second-class cultural relic, which has been kept in the Palace Museum in my country. In 2007, the people of Yunnan welcomed it back to Pu'er City, and the insured amount alone reached 19.99 million yuan, its value is evident. This tea is also regarded as "God Tea" by tea lovers. It can only be worshipped, drink it, or forget it!