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Issuing time:2022-03-04 13:01



Anxi is located between the southeastern coast and the Daiyun Mountains. The oceanic climate and the mountain climate are intertwined. The northwest wind from Zhangping and the southeast wind convection from Quanzhou Bay form a large temperature difference between day and night; at the same time, the red-yellow soil of Anxi is acidic, ph4.5-6.5 , high in minerals and traces. In addition, Anxi has a long frost-free period, suitable rainfall and high altitude in Inner Anxi. The above-mentioned unique geographical location constitutes superior conditions for the formation of Tieguanyin aroma substances. But leaving this place, the conditions have changed, and there are no conditions to produce the high-fragrant Tieguanyin.

With the material basis and geographical conditions of the aroma of Tieguanyin, the high aroma of Tieguanyin cannot be produced without exquisite processing technology. Among all tea processing techniques, Tieguanyin is one of the most difficult and complex. The process of making green tea is the key to the formation of the aroma of Tieguanyin. It is after the sun withers in the evening, and alternately shake green and cool green for many times at night. Through enzymatic oxidation, the aromatic substances in tea are continuously formed until the greening is completed the next day. In the whole process of picking, withering, shaking green, cooling green, fixing green, kneading bag and drying, all without adding foreign substances, Tie Guanyin can be produced with fragrant and mellow taste.