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Tieguanyin tea and jasmine tea are the two most popular teas among consumers. These two kinds of teas, whether you know how to drink tea or not, you can find the joy of drinking tea from them. The taste of the tea is suitable for almost any age group to drink.

Tieguanyin tea has a very interesting feature, its brewing coefficient is very high. Because Tieguanyin has pointed leaves, each leaf is a roll.

Don't look at such a small pile of tea leaves, but I can fill my 12-gauge Dajian cup immediately.

My Jianzhan is very large, it can hold 300ml of water, but after soaking such a small amount of Tieguanyin, I filled a small bowl for me. Does it feel particularly pompous?

I have used my Jianzhan to brew a lot of tea leaves, usually like this small package of tea, about 8~10g. The net weight of this tea is certain, but with the same net weight, no tea has a brewed expansion coefficient as large as his.

Tieguanyin tea and jasmine tea have the same characteristic that they are not prone to large-scale overturning. You can buy well-known brands, and you can buy low-priced ones. All were delicious. Very rarely say that after you buy and get it, it will taste bad and large rollovers.

Therefore, Tieguanyin tea and jasmine tea are very easy to buy your favorite taste.

Said it before. The taste of Tieguanyin tea is like: use the most suitable vacuum pump to reduce the technicality, and completely reduce the youthful aura of summer to the tea leaves. No matter what, you brew the tea leaves and drink all the youthful youth in summer. Fresh taste.

I have drunk cinnamon tea before. I said that the taste of cinnamon tea is somewhat like Tieguanyin, but when I drink the real Tieguanyin, I still prefer Tieguanyin. Fresh flavor, but not astringent, which is also good.

Youthful aura. This is also what Tieguanyin tea brings to my taste.

I brewed and opened this packet of tea, which is not a well-known brand, but it helped me feel very good, and there is no strange smell. Therefore, I clearly have a five-star review.

Finally, I want to return the cinnamon tea I bought not long ago. Because of the tea of cinnamon tea, the taste of cost-effective tea and expensive tea is very different. Expensive tea is really fragrant to drink, and cost-effective tea is uncomfortable to drink. Especially in the cost-effective tea, there is a wet taste, and my mouth is numb after drinking it. Very uncomfortable to drink.

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