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一起喝茶,心无杂念 推荐喝安溪铁观音

Issuing time:2022-03-03 16:11











A pot of tea, the tea leaves dance in the water, regardless of joy or sorrow, do not fight for the day, do not sigh the time.

Drinking tea with you, without talking about worldly concerns, in this cup of tea, there are infinite antecedents, and there is no need to delve into it, all this seems to have been arranged long ago, the fate of many lifetimes, just pick up the teacup.

The encounter in this life, whether it is in autumn ripening or spring bud. I'm making tea, you come to drink tea and talk together, no matter how gorgeous the city's neon lights are, they are no match for the lanterns that are cut short in your spare time.

It is also the quietness of this moment, which makes people cherish the time and life of this moment more, like in a cycle, such as the reincarnation of tea.

The tea in the cup changes from light to thick, ups and downs, and gathers and disperses. In the process of drinking tea, I will treat it calmly in my heart, brew it carefully, and drink it seriously.

Drinking tea with friends who love tea, tasting it slowly, and drinking it completely is also a learning process. Drinking tea makes people more clear and eye-catching, inspires inspiration, abandons complexity, and starts again.

Tea is warm and drinkable with acquaintances.

Zhang Ailing said: Among the thousands of people, in the wilderness of time, there is no one step earlier, no one step later, and I happened to meet, and then said softly: So you are here too!

Why do people who love tea choose to take tea as their friends? In addition to drinking alone, they find friends with the same interests among millions of people, and they communicate with each other attentively. I invite you for tea just because I miss you, it's that simple.

Drink tea together without distracting thoughts. No matter how many years we have passed, we will never forget our original intentions; those who can drink tea together should be cherished;