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Issuing time:2022-02-27 16:13










Let's take a look at the growth path of Anhua dark tea:

1. Anhua dark tea goes to the altar

In 1996, a Korean businessman discovered Qianliang tea (a kind of Anhua dark tea) in Taiwan. Later, they traced the origin and went to the Baishaxi store selling dark tea to buy more than 300 "Qianliang tea".

After entering the 21st century, Zeng Zhixian, a tea culture expert in Taiwan, specially compiled a book called "The Fate of Fangyuan, Deeply Exploring the World of Tea". The content of the book greatly appreciated Anhua tea, and even more so. It is to compare Anhua's "Qianliang tea" to "the king of tea in the world", which further elevates the status of Anhua dark tea.

Since then, dark tea represented by Anhua's "Qianliang Tea" quickly set off a "dark tea craze" in Southeast Asia, and then this "hot wind" spread back to China.

But what really pushed Anhua dark tea to the altar was the "Appraisal" column of CCTV-2 in 2005. Experts appraised the "Tianjian" tea produced by Baishaxi Tea Factory in 1953 to a basket of 480,000 yuan. Since then, This tea has appeared many times at exhibitions all over the country, and the price was once fired up to tens of millions of yuan. Under the promotion of major media, Anhua dark tea immediately became the most popular tea in the country.

2. The prosperity of tea will lead to the rise of Anhua's economy

Anhua County used to be a poor village in the mountainous area of Hunan Province long ago. The local people even had a problem with food and clothing, but in just a few decades, Anhua took off the hat of poverty. In fact, this is inseparable from the rise of local tea. Relationship.

With the emergence of a large number of Anhua dark tea in the market, the local government also seized this golden opportunity, invested a lot of money, dispatched special personnel to sell Anhua tea in various places, and registered the trademark of Anhua dark tea, which together led to the development of Anhua tea. The rapid economic development of the region.