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Issuing time:2022-02-20 12:58





It used to be a tender bud growing in the mountains, green and moving; it later experienced the sun exposure, transformed and reborn; it finally fell into the boiling water and bloomed its unique beauty.

That day, my uncle came to our house for a guest and brought a tea called Tieguanyin. Uncle and the others chatted for a while in the living room, and then went to the house to chat with their parents. I looked at Tieguanyin, and the more I looked, the more curious I became. No longer waiting, just opened the box and poured some tea granules into the cup. The leaves of Tieguanyin are granular and dark green. It falls down like a small hill. After soaking in water and stirring, the whole tea is dark green. I picked it up carefully and took a sip, frowning bitterly. "But it's all down, so it's not good to throw it away." Thinking like this, I picked up the cup and drank it. It was really bitter to my heart. But who would have thought that after a long time, a trace of sweetness and fragrance reverberated in my mouth. Could it be that this is what people call "life is like tea"?

I remember one time when I was writing a math problem, I kept going all the way, but was stumped by the last question. I thought about it, but couldn't write it out. I was very anxious and didn't know what to do. Just then my teacher saw that I was frantically scratching my head and came over. The teacher slowly stood beside me and observed me for a long time. Finally, he finally said: "What's the matter! Can't this question?" I nodded, and then the teacher spoke to me calmly. Ten minutes later, I finally got enlightened. At that time, I was so happy. When I encounter any difficulties in the future, I always warn myself not to be mad and panic, to taste the "bitterness" seriously, and then use hard work to get that little bit of "sweetness" - this is what tea taught me. .

I love tea, its fragrant fragrance; those who love it gave up their freedom and experienced many hardships in exchange for the fragrance in people's mouths. Tea, let me know that hard work will be rewarded; tea, let me understand that hard work will be sweet.

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