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Issuing time:2022-02-20 12:55








There are many kinds of tea: green tea, oolong, narcissus, cinnamon... Each of these teas has its own characteristics.

Let's make green tea today! We have ready tools: teapot, justice cup, gaiwan, tea leak, tea cup, teaspoon, tea clip, tea towel...

First of all, I tore open the package first, and a scent of tea came out. How much tea leaves you scoop is important. You can put more tea leaves at noon to refresh your mind; put less tea leaves at night, otherwise you may not be able to sleep at night! I picked up a teaspoon and scooped some tea leaves, poured the tea leaves into the gaiwan, and the tea leaves sat and slipped. The slide slid down into the gaiwan, and the green tea lay quietly in the gaiwan.

I picked up the teapot and poured the water into the gaiwan. The green tea danced a waltz in the water. It was so cute! The tea leaves slowly unfolded under the immersion of boiling water, and the water slowly turned green. The first tea can not be drunk, you must wake up the tea (wash the tea). I picked up the tea leak and poured the tea in the gaiwan into the tea leak.

After pouring, pour the boiling water into the gaiwan for one minute, and then pour the water in the gaiwan into the justice cup. At this time, the tea leaves inside spread bigger and bigger, like the wings of an angel. Smell the tea leaves in the justice cup, the herbal smell has intensified, but it is mixed with a sweet taste.

I poured the tea from the justice cup into the tea cup, there was a flower at the bottom of the tea cup, and the green-yellow tea became much more elegant. Take the tea cup to your nose and smell it, then put it on your mouth and take a sip. It is a little bitter at the beginning, but after a while, you will find that the bitterness slowly dissipates, and it is replaced by a sweet taste, which is unforgettable.

During the tea making period, it can be seen whether a person's heart is impetuous. Tea is a splendid culture handed down from ancient China. It can really be said that making and tasting tea is a unique knowledge.

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