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安溪铁观音健康茶 小寒冬不寒,有茶暖且安

Issuing time:2022-02-20 12:43




月初寒尚小 鹊始为巢












In the cold night, the guests come to tea as wine, and the bamboo stove soup boils and turns red.

As usual, the month before the window is different when there are plum blossoms.

Du Lei's "Cold Night" seems to be written especially for Xiaohan. It is a long winter night, the cold wind is invading the bones, the guests come from afar, make tea and wait for them, and enjoy the plums in front of the window. Xiaohan has poetry, tea, and the warmth of winter.

At the beginning of the month, when the cold is still small, the magpie begins to be the nest

"The Seventy-two Hours of the Moon Order" contains: "The December festival, the cold at the beginning of the month is still small, so it is called Xiaohan".

When it is a little cold, geese move to Beixiang, magpies begin to make their nests, and pheasants chirp in response to the growth of yang energy.

At this time, the cold air in most parts of the country has been cold for a long time, but the coldest degree of the year is coming.

Ginger tea base for cold feet

In Chinese medicine, it is said that all diseases arise from cold, and cold arises from the feet.

After a minor cold, the weather tends to be extremely cold, and many people have a feeling of cold hands and feet. After the feet are cold, their disease resistance is reduced, and it is easy to induce various diseases such as colds or bronchitis.

Therefore, it is necessary to beware of "cold is born from the foot". You can take ginger to boil your feet and soak your feet in water to warm the yang and enhance the body's immunity. In addition, adding the used tea base can also play a certain role in sterilizing and eliminating athlete's foot.

Warming tea around the fireplace

Drinking tea during solar terms is one of the most effective ways to keep healthy.

In the cold season, you can choose to drink cooked Pu, dark tea, black tea, traditional crafted strong-scented oolong tea, orange Pu, etc. These teas are mild in nature, not only to keep warm and warm, but also to generate heat and warm the stomach.

At the same time, the weather is freezing cold, making tea around the fireplace, chatting with friends and relatives comfortably, which is also a winter fun.

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