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Issuing time:2022-02-12 11:43









(1) distinguish from the finished tea;

The finished tea of real charcoal-baked tea can't look as shiny as waxing. It looks a little gray and foggy, and it's not very eye-catching, but it contains tea rhyme, throat rhyme, soaking water and stamina.

(2) Distinguish from aroma;

After the real charcoal roasted tea is soaked, its tea fragrance is heavy when it smells, vaguely containing a deep and restrained charcoal fire fragrance, leaving the aroma of tea in the mouth after drinking, and feeling a little sweet. Electric baked tea has a good aroma when brewed, but a weak taste when drunk. Some people say that the aroma of electric baked tea is like a flash in the pan, and that of charcoal baked tea is like Tai Ji Chuan, with endless stamina.

(3) Distinguish from tea soup;

After the real charcoal-baked tea is boiled, no matter the baking temperature, the color of the soup, whether orange or red, must be bright and clear, and the top will be very bright, like a layer of tea oil, and the charcoal fragrance contained in the tea soup must be consistent from the first bubble to the last. The color of electric baked tea soup is cloudy.

(4) Distinguish from the tea residue;

After the charcoal-baked tea leaves are soaked, the tea residue is soft and tough, and it is not easy to break when being pulled. The leaf residue of electric-baked tea generally lacks elasticity and is hard. At the same time, don't throw away the tea residue first, put it in a cup, put it on for three or four days, and then check whether there is anything fermented, moldy or pasty and sticky. If there is, it is definitely not charcoal roasted tea, if not, it is true.